Monday, January 14, 2013

Library Fines Be Gone!

Last night, something was in the air, I guess.  All night long I tossed and turned and really didn't sleep well.  Turns out the same happened to Jeffrey.  Weird, right?

I did have an awesome dream about dating Tony Spark.  Obviously, I was single still, in my dream.  That was a very fun part of the mostly sleepless night.  

Amidst my tossing and turning, I heard a soft cry.  "Mom!"  

I strained my ears to listen and heard only silence.

As I closed my eyes and nestled back into my pillow, I heard it again.


I sighed and figured I should see why I was needed.

I crept out of bed and into their bedroom.

"Who needs me?  Faye?  Do you need the potty?" I whispered.

Two little heads popped up and a hand shot into the air.  In unison I heard "I do!"

Both kids zombie walked into the bathroom and squinted into the light.  I taught Keith a night trick.  Turn on the shower light instead of the main light, and no squinting is necessary!

I tucked them back into bed, and then nestled back into mine.  I told them to not get up until morning.

As my eyes began to close, I heard little feet running around upstairs and the morning beginning.  

Except this morning had to be low and laidback.  When I was tucking the kids back into bed, I kissed Keith's forehead and noticed it was a little too warm.  I also noticed he had started coughing again.  Made me sad.  He is coming down with something again, and he just got over something!

We went to the Library today.  We haven't been for a while.  Mainly because I sometimes forget to return things on time.  And then I get a huge fine.  There are two libraries near where we live.  One we frequent more than the other, mainly because it is the one I grew up going to, so I know exactly where to find the books I want.  The other, however, has Keith's friend who is in charge of the kids section.  I asked Keith which he wanted to go to, and he opted for the one with his friend.  When we got there, though, he was very upset and crying.  Evidently, he didn't want to see his friend, he wanted to go to the one we were used to.  But when we got in, he was very happy.  He found a bunch of body books he had never before seen, and was in heaven.  But they didn't have the book I want.  Sigh.

When we got up to the checkout, I remembered all of my old fines.  I pulled out my wallet and was prepared to pay the $15.  Because last time I had paid it down to $10, but then kept three books overdue for about a month.  Completely on accident, mind you!  The librarian took my card, scanned it, and then asked me why I was handing her money.  Somehow, I had no fine anymore.  I know I should have had one, and was shocked and thrilled that somehow that fine disappeared.  Let that be a lesson to me.  2013 has begun with no library fines, and I intend to keep it that way.

We got home, and read for a while, and then took naps.  

I couldn't believe how quickly Keith went down!  Seriously, I said "bed time," and he went right down.  No fighting, no grumping.  Five minutes later, he was sound asleep.  Thus confirming my worry that he is coming down with something.  I am hoping I am wrong!  And hoping I can get some sort of sleep tonight.  Fingers crossed!


Myya said...

Yaaaay for happy suprises no matter how little they may be. :)

Lisa said...

Yay for no fines! I sure hope Keith feels better soon!

Xazmin said...

Ugh - I HATE the coming down with something after just getting over something! We've been playing that game and I'm over it!

Also...I am the same way with the library! I am the worst at returning things, and I am currently avoiding the place due to my fines! How do I always let it happen?? I wish mine would magically disappear!

I hope Keith doesn't get sick again!

Emmy said...

Oh how awesome that the fines were gone! I always dread going back to the library if I know I have fines.

Hope Keith is okay

Susan Anderson said...

Hope his nap gives the old immune system big boost so he can kick whatever it is off quickly!