Eyes in the Back of My Head

I love seeing the difference between my children, and the similarities they have with us.  I especially love seeing people's reactions when they are used to one child and not the other.

Keith is a lot like Jeffrey.  Very independent, creative, calm and imaginative.  Faye is a lot like me.  She is more outgoing, playful and energetic.  She loves to be with people, and to make people laugh.

Yesterday was the first time in a long time I got to go to Relief Society (the woman's meeting at church) instead of teaching a primary class (the children's class).  Which was bitter sweet because Faye was going into Primary for the first time.

She was so excited and nervous, and it broke my heart to leave her there.  I told her if she was scared, she could just turn around and see her brother, and all would be well.  I also told her that her teachers were some of my very dear friends.  When I was a teenager, I was best friends with their daughter and spent every weekend at their house, and most school days as well.  She was assured, and went to class happily.  They had also been Keith's teachers and they are wonderful.

After church, when I went to her classroom to get her, her teachers made me laugh.

"She is very different from her brother!" I was told.

Keith is a very calm and quiet boy.  Faye has a lot more spunk in her.  Keith is more like Jeffrey in the fact he prefers to observe things, and Faye is more like me where she likes to be in the thick of it all.  Evidently, they had to take her chair away, because she kept "falling off it," and had to sit the rest of the lesson on the floor.  She was good, just not quiet and subdued like her brother is.

Keith does have a bit of my genes, though.  He doesn't sleep.  He must be like my brothers who all go to bed sometime after midnight, and all get up around 5.  Craziness that I didn't inherit.  I need my sleep, or I get physically sick.  Although, I am a morning person.  I much prefer to go to bed early and be able to greet the day with the sun.  I always have more energy in the mornings than I do in the evening.  And Keith certainly is a morning person!  And can go without sleep like my brothers and my dad.

Since Keith didn't go to bed until very late last night (after 10), woke up very early, and sneaked out of his room while Faye and I napped, I decided bedtime would be early tonight.

Faye was in bed by 8:00.  Keith refused to sleep, so he got to go to the naughty corner, which is right outside my bedroom door.  I could see him inching down the hall, and told him to go back to the corner, or to go to his bed.

"But Mom, how did you know?!" He asked, so surprised.  He didn't know I could see him.

"Keith, don't you know, Moms can see everywhere.  Mom's always know."

"Nyuh-uh.  You only have two eyes on the front of your head like everyone else."

"No.  I have two eyes on the front of my head, and eyes in the back of my head that you can't see, and eyes that can see through walls because I am a mom, and moms have super powers."

"But that's not faaa-aaaair!" he whined.

And then the conversation changed again.  Back to bed or the corner.  He chose the bed.  Ran down the hall, and slammed his door three times.

Not disturbing Faye at all.

Because Faye is a lot like Jeffrey.

She relishes her sleep.

She also went to bed very late Sunday night.  And then I had to wake her up at 9:00 this morning.  And then she went down for her nap so easily at 1:00.  And I had to wake her up at 4:30.  And she went to bed by 8:00.  And slept through the door slamming.  Because sleep is like a delicacy.  It is something to be enjoyed and devoured and savored.

Jeffrey does not function without sleep at all.  When the children wake up in the middle of the night, Jeffrey does not hear them.  He does not know that I get up with them sometimes several times a night.  Because he can sleep through anything.  Just like Faye.

It is nice to be able to see a little of me in both of my kids, because looking at them, you would think I had nothing to do with their creation.  They both look so much like Jeffrey and his family.


Susan Anderson said…
This was a fun and interesting read. Genes are cool. And mysterious.

Xazmin said…
I am such a night person. I am not a morning person, and I wake up tired, but not unpleasant. My husband is a bear in the mornings and 2 of my girls inherited his morning time disposition!

It is so fun to see the different traits our children display from each of their parents!

Emmy said…
It really is fascinating seeing what traits they pick up and inherit from each parent. And then there are the things they do that you wonder where in the world that came from!

How fun that Faye is now in primary.

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