Amazing Grace

Human rights day.

I think it appropriate that President Obama is being sworn in for his second term today.  I have to say, times have changed, and I am glad.

Jeffrey didn't have to work today, so he and I went to the movies.  He has been hankering to see Lincoln for a long time.  He tried to go with a friend a few weeks ago, but he got a call from work and had to go take care of things, so he had to leave the theater.  I wasn't super excited to see the movie as my brother had given me a quick synopsis on it.

"There are three hours of talking.  And then the camera angle changes, and there is more talking.  And then music dramatizes the talking that is still going on.  And then Joseph Gordon Leavitt is saying 'C'mon, Dad, please let me go.  I want to fight in the war.  You gotta let me go fight!' and then there is more talking.  And a whole lot more talking.  And it goes on like that for three hours!"

I was more entertained than that, but it is a movie that I will be happy to never see again.  Not because it isn't an incredible movie, because it is, but because I really like comedy and am not so fond of drama.

Later, when we got home, we needed to fold and put away all our clothes.  We figured since it is Human Rights Day, we may as well go along with it and we put on Amazing Grace while we cleaned up.

I am so proud of all those men and women who sacrificed so much and worked so hard to bring equality to all!  What a great time we live in.

In other news, I am happy to report I can now play one song on my new guitar, albeit slowly and painfully.  But one song down!  I only have four more to go to reach my goal for the year!  I am pretty darn happy.  Learning to play guitar is a little frustrating because my fingers are sore and swollen long before I want to put it away.  I feel like such a quitter every time, but that probably has to do with the fact I practiced the piano for an hour every day from the time I was 8 until I was nearly 18.  15 minutes of guitar playing makes me feel like I just don't want it enough, but my internet teacher cautioned against playing too much before those calluses are built up.  Sigh.  And not having played for a week and a half may have something to do with the tenderness of the fingers.  Calluses were growing, but I got busy, and my fingers got all soft again.  Soon, though.  Soon, I will have very strong fingers and will be able to play to my heart's content.

I have decided my guitar needs a name.  But I am not good at naming things.  The first name that comes to mind is Tommy.  After Tommy Dorsey of the big band era.  He is my favorite.  But I already had a car named Tommy, and a fish named Tommy.  It is time to retire that name.  Any suggestions for my beautiful music maker?


Lisa said…
Paul really wants to see that movie. Maybe I'll see if I can get him to just rent and watch it here. As for a guitar name... Hm. That's a toughie. Who was your favorite band in hs? See, id puck a name from my favorite country band, but that wouldn't mean much to you!
Myya said…
I'd like to see a real grown up movie, it's been too long. Although I have really enjoyed my mindless comedies lately. Pitch Perfect was so cute. LOL

I'm not very good at naming things. My girls usually stick with a couple names but then expand them by just adding an A on the end. haaa! My middle did get "married" this Summer & her new husband's name is Tommy... well that is until her daddy told her that he wasn't very happy about her getting married without him being able to walk her down the aisle... so now apparently the marriage was "for fake". Gosh I love kids & fun imaginations.
Crystal Collier said…
Awesome. That sounds like the kind of movie I'd go ape over, and Matt would complain about for the next three weeks. =)

Way to press forward with the guitar. I started learning when I was 16, but my weakly wrists (already carpal tunnel prone) were the problem. I know what you mean about the calluses though. Good luck with that.

As for names... Do you want a conventional, symbolic, or creative name? *bobbing eyebrows* If you want to stick with the Tommy theme, why not try a variant backwards? "Yom" or a mixture of names "Todor" (or Tudor if you're into history, er...) --Which makes me think of Todo, a cute little dog and a band if I recall right... Of course I'm all for silly names like "Yodller", and am particularly fond of "Francis." (Don't ask.) If I were an Auzzie I say call it "Mic." Naming is such an intimate process.
Susan Anderson said…
I learned on nylon strings. The steel ones just hurt too much!

Xazmin said…
I don't have any good name suggestions, but I REALLY hope you post a video once you are feeling accomplished on the guitar!
Emmy said…
How awesome that you have learned a song! I am sure you will soon learn many more. As for a name- yea no idea, never have been one that has really named things.

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