She Peed My Bed

**This post was written 8 December, 2012**

It is true. 

I am always sick.

I firmly believe there is a direct correlation between the mental/physical/emotional states.  Which translates to: I will most likely be on and off sick until we move.

That is not to say that things are not wonderful here.  Because they are.  My in-laws are the kindest most accommodating people I know.  I just cannot be myself here, which is why I am constantly sick.  I guess.  But yes, I am sick again.  Darn bug going around!  Just of the cold variety, so I am not out of commission, just miserable, you know?

And so, nighttime sleep is of vital importance to this weak immune system of mine.   

Last night we had a visitor.  Cubed.

Faye woke up crying.  So we rushed into her room.  She couldn't find her blanket.  It was on top of her.  She was just too tired.

Another time she came into our room, crying.

She couldn't find her blanket.


Another time she came into our room with the "I am being naughty but if I smile sweetly I will get away with murder" smile.  I was too tired.  I let her climb into bed with us.

I should have just gotten up and sent her back to her room because I can't sleep with kids in my bed.  I have a hard enough time sharing the bed with Jeffrey.  I am a bed hog.  I sprawl.  We sleep on a full.  So, putting 3 in a bed, makes it too uncomfortable for sleep.  Not enough sprawling room.

After 20 minutes, I took her back to her room.

Right after I got comfortable and was on the verge of a sweet reunion with my dreams, I heard a sniffling scuffling sound.

And once again, we had a little intruder.

And again, I foolishly let her climb into my bed and snuggle down next to us.  She stayed for a good 45-60 minutes.  I did not want a repeat and if she was good and asleep, there would not be a repeat.  When I could handle it no longer, I rolled out of bed, and scooped her up with me, and carried her back to her bed. It worked!  She was asleep and stayed asleep the rest of the night.

Heavens be praised!

I zombie walked through the dark halls, my eyes half closed, and snuggled down into my bed.  I scoot over by Jeffrey so we could cuddle and I could get warm again, when I felt it.

My bed was wet.

And I was instantly awake.



"Ew, Jeffrey!  Did you wet the bed?!" I asked half seriously, half facetiously.  Mostly I asked him just because I was tired and passively aggressively wanting him to wake up.  He never wakes up when the kids come in our room at night.  That boy would sleep (or pretend to) through Armageddon!

"Mhfe?" he intelligently responded.

I again accused/asked him about the wet bed.

"We can deal with it in the morning.  Go to sleep." And he rolled over with finality.

At this point I was so tired and defeated, I just gave in.  I rummaged for a towel in the dirty bin and placed it on the spot where the angelic prankster had been moments before, then hugged my edge of the bed, and didn't really sleep the rest of the night.

In the morning, Jeffrey woke up confused.

"Are you mad at me?  Why are so you far away?"

Remember, we sleep on a full, so it is very noticeable when there is no foot touching, hand bumping etc in the night.   To see me snuggling the edge with blood-shot eyes would most likely give anyone the impression of an angry mad woman.

I explained about the wet spot, and he again looked confused.  With a sigh I rolled out of bed.  I was awake.

The curse of being a morning person is the impossibility of falling back to sleep once you are awake in the morning.  I could hear the kids running around, so knew I had to get up.  Jeffrey had the day off, so he, the night owl who can fall asleep whenever he wants, smiled, and snuggled my pillow back to sleep.

I went upstairs, and decided it was going to be a good day despite my lack of sleep.

I was greeted by my mother in law holding Faye's undies and pajama pants.

"Her pants were wet when she came up this morning.  You might want to wet her bed." I was informed.

"Don't worry about it, her bed is dry, and yes, her pants are wet.  I know all about it."

My mother in law was very confused, and I had to laugh when I explained "She didn't wet her bed.  She wet MY bed."

I will be happy when we outgrow this little problem.  Sigh.

With that little token of information taken care of, our day could officially have a good start.

Or delicious, should I say?

We started out with scones and raspberry butter.  (Thanks again for the recipe Emily!)  It was delicious!  Though I was informed I am never to call them scones again as that is false advertising.  Scones are fried and thin and airy.  What we had, I was told, were biscuits.  Not that it matters, because it was delicious, and the leftovers were eaten for every meal that day.

   At lunch time we went to a taqueria (aka taco truck on the side of the road).  I absolutely love taquerias!  The food is incredible, and the prices are unbeatable.  But Jeffrey, like so many gringos, is wary of them, so he and the kids drove across the street and got a burger and fries.  Poor kids, not knowing what they are missing out on!

We played around the rest of the afternoon, waiting for that magic moment when we could drive out to see the city lights, meet Santa, and eat cookies and hot cocoa.

As predicted, it was a good day.

Now if only I could get over this darn bug and get Christmas tackled.  Sigh.


Noodle said…
I'm such a scaredy cat... Both my girls still wear pull ups to bed... I hate having to wake up in the middle of the night to change sheats... Both are pretty good at staying dry but about once a week we have a wet night... With andrea still waking me at least two times a night I can't handle any extra wakings lol... I'ma grump with out my sleep.. But yes both my kids have peed MY bed... The stinkers
Chantel said…
Avy's still in a pull up at night as well. 99% of the time she wakes up dry and we just reuse the pull up the next night but it's so worth it for that 1% of the time. I hate changing sheets in the middle of the night!
Susan Anderson said…
I kept my kids in diapers at night until they were reliably dry for a month.

I don't like changing wet sheets!


PS. Merry Christmas, Amy. And get well soon!

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