Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rapunzel's Tower

Trying to get caught up here.

Remember that great snow storm in November?  The swirling forest of white that glittered the world like a first grader gone mad with her art project?  Yeah, that one.  Well, Jeffrey and I had been talking, and he felt really bad that my birthday was completely overshadowed with the wedding and Keith's birthday.  To make it up to me, he decided we would go away for the night.  Just the two of us.  

It was terribly romantic driving through that white fluff dusting down on us.  The drive was slow, and we had to run a few errands before we reached our destination; a cute place called Castle Creek Inn located in Sandy.

We needed food, and since the evening was all about me, we went to In n Out because that is Jeffrey's favorite place.  :)  

At the B&B we found a movie and took it up to our room {Rapunzel's Tower} to watch it.  

But it didn't work.  Because we chose a VHS as opposed to DVD.  It made us laugh, but we didn't care all that much anyway.  

I was so happy with the fire roaring and the blinds all open with the lights off.  The most romantic setting, in my eyes, is to watch a snowstorm in front of a fire while cuddling with that special someone.  And that is exactly what we did.  And we talked.  And we laughed.  And laughed a lot.  We stayed up especially late, sipping on our Martenelli's from the dollar store goblets (errands, remember) and sharing the chips Jeffrey loved so much.  We fell asleep laughing, watching the snow gracefully falling, and remembered exactly why we chose each other.  When it is just us, and there are no stresses in life, it is easy to rekindle that initial bond.  

The next morning, we had a delicious breakfast.  It began with fruit.  Then some sort of strudel thing that tasted like sugar and butter.  Then pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and sausage.  With fresh squeezed orange juice and hot cocoa.  Then we went for a walk. 
  I am sure it would be heavenly in the summertime, springtime or fall, but it was hard to see completely covered in snow.  It looked like there was a lovely bench swing beneath a canopy of trees, but looking out over clear sky.  
 There were waterfalls, 
 and foliage all around.  Perhaps one day we will go back in the non-snow time of year.  

Heading home was a little scary as people have a hard time remembering how to drive on slick roads, but I didn't mind.  We listened to crooning of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday on the way home, and though we rode in silence (Jeffrey is not a winter driver, or a morning person), it was a happy blissful silence.
My Knight scraping the ice from the car windows.  See his armor shine?


Susan Anderson said...

What a perfect getaway!

And those berries against the snow are gorgeous.


Lisa said...

How fun!!! I love little getaways. They are the best!