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**This post was originally written 15 December 2012**

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Today was a pajama day.

Pajama and movie day to be precise.  

This darn bug may be the death of me, I am telling you.  It has me completely zapped out for energy on top of all the other yuck that is going on.

The kids came down into my room and I turned on a movie for them.  Then another movie.

At which point we went up for breakfast. 


It was only 10:45, after all.

The kids had eaten cereal with their grandma earlier that morning.  It was more so my breakfast, their second breakfast, in hobbit speak.

Then another movie, and a discussion about fairies and how to build a fairy house.

And reading.

I showered, they went crazy.  Pillow fights while jumping on my bed, kind of crazy.  Getting into all of the projects I am working on, kind of crazy.

So I declared it to be lunch time.


Pajama day all day means breakfast food all day, right?  Besides, oatmeal is comfortingly warm and soothing to this sick girl.

And then the kids ran around some more while I tried to keep up with them. 

Eventually my mother in law came home and I was able to go down for a real rest.  


But Faye wanted to come in and squish with me.  Which means my nap was short, but very fun.

I decided getting up and making dinner would be my best bet.

Pizza tonight.  Because all slumber parties need to have pizza, right?  And since today was a pajama day, pizza was very fitting.

As soon as Jeffrey got home from work, the kids ambushed him with please to build a fire.  Because that is what Dads do.  They build big huge fires.

Fires that are perfect for snuggling in front with a wonderful book (We are nearly through with the Hobbit as a family.  One of all our favorite parts of the day).

While he built the fire, I made the pizza.  It was yummy.

With a slice of pizza in one hand and and a child on our laps each, we read and snuggled in front of the fire, then sent the kids to bed.  This is why I love fireplaces.  They are pefrect for building memories.

But our memories were not yet complete for that night.  Shortly after the children were snuggled down in dream land, I went to bed.  We had big plans that night.

My alarm went off at 2:00 AM.  I rubbed my eyes, stretched, and then got up and got dressed.  I snuck into the kids room and woke them, helped them into their warmest coats socks and shoes, and then we all went upstairs where some water was boiling on the stove for our.  After getting a sippy cup for each kid and a thermos for Jeffrey and me to share, we piled out into the car.

And we drove.
Listening to Christmas music at 2:30 in the morning, we drove and watched the skies.

It was the night of a huge meteor shower and since science and space are things that interest all of us, we didn't want to miss it.

We drove into the mountains where there was no light pollution or clouds, climbed out of the car, and huddled together gazing upward.

It was beautiful.  The falling stars are somehow magical, and we were all in awe.  We stayed for half an hour and then got back into the car and drove home.

After re-tucking the kids in bed after our adventure, they asked for a drink of water.  Jeffrey went up to get them a drink.  When he came back, Keith was already asleep, and Faye raised her head from her pillow and hollered crossly,

"Go out, Daddy!  Some people are trying to sleep in here!"

We laughed and snuggled back into bed again, closing our eyes so happy to complete such a wonderful day full of sweet memories.


Terra said…
I love the water part of that story almost as much as the rest of the story! Merry Christmas!
Lisa said…
You are such good parents! LOVE this story!

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