Kryptonite or Super Powers?

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Some days are just sleepy days.  Even the world agreed, today.

As I hugged Jeffrey and sent him out the door and on to work the kids and I couldn't help but ooh and aah.  The world seemed like a sleepy teen, burrowed beneath its blankets, begging for just a little more sleep.  We could barely see across the street due to the fluffy fog encircling us.  Faye asked what the fog was, and laughed with her infectious giggle when I explained that fog is just a cloud restring on us.  She loved it and asked if we were cloud shapes.  

It was beautiful, though.  The sleepiness of the day.

Which was a good thing, because it was a busy day for the kids.  

Something about barometric changes granting children with super powers.  Or affecting adults like Kryptonite.  Something along those lines. Sure, you may not believe it now, but it is true.  Just remember when you were a kid and how frazzled you could sometimes make your mother.  Especially when the weather changed.  

I had a very hard time keeping up with them today.  It got to the point where I eventually just gave in and let them have at it.

While I was showering after the gym, I gave them instructions to clean their room, and then they could watch Charlie Brown's Christmas.  Activities to keep them busy and out of trouble.  Which normally is sufficient.

But I forgot about the super powers.

That was my first mistake. 

I mean, imagine trying to tame a circus on your own.  And add to it a gang of rebelling wanting to prove their toughness teens, and still you would not have the chaos that was in my house today.

Faye got into the carmel brownies we made yesterday.  She got into the cocoa mix three times.  She found the syrup and drank it because she said she wanted a drink.  She wet her pants three times.  

After lunch, Keith could tell I was weary, and so offered to tuck Faye into bed, and then himself.  He left me with explicit instructions to not disturb them, as they would be sleeping.  And I trusted him.  Because he has done this before, and they both went down for a nap.  And slept for a while.  Several times.  But that was when they were normal and not endued with super powers.  

I forgot about the super powers.

I watched the cloud enshrouded world, and tried to get the kitchen cleaned up (from one of the cocoa escipades).  I heard noise.  I saw a head peak up on the stairs.  Keith stood with his "I know I am most likely in trouble, but if I look cute enough I will be forgiven" look.  I already felt beaten at that point and decided to not fight it.  

The kids played downstairs, and by the time I finished with the kitchen, it was too quiet.  I went down and discovered their room (which they had cleaned, remember?) a disaster.  Every toy was pulled out, dress-ups were all over the floor, and toys that were put away for safe keeping in the top of the closet had been pulled out.  I attempted putting their things back when I found them in the family room, foolishly assuming they were keeping out of trouble.  Again, I don't know why I assumed that.  I must have forgotten.  Super powers.

And the day went on in like manner.  By the time it was time to make dinner, my grandiose plans of salmon, potatoes, salad, etc went out the window.  Too much work!  I settled on spaghetti.  Which is Jeffrey's favorite anyway.

We ate, and I then went to bed.  Because I don't have super powers when the weather changes.  I curled up with my jammies and my book.  I asked the kids to join me when they finished terrorizing their grandparents and we would read together before bedtime.

It was lovely, but exhausting.

I am just waiting for my super powers to kick in now.  There has to be an antidote for their chaos somewhere!  I mean, something other than electronic entertainment, because I always feel guilty when stooping to that, unless it is a family time activity.  

Still searching for my Super Power.  Hopefully I can find it before the weather changes again!


Familia Morales said…
You mean your kids only get "superpowers" when the weather changes? Dang, I'm jealous!

Go find your superpower, it's probably just around the corner.
Susan Anderson said…
I think I remember this whole thing...


PS. Lovely writing here, Amy.

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