"Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow."

It is nearly the middle of December, and I have fallen behind.

I do this every year, and vow that the next year I wont do it again, but I foolishly ignore that vow, and do it again.

If I go missing, I may be buried beneath Christmas projects.

And we haven't even decorated yet!  Though we did get our box of decor from the shed, which is a huge step in the right direction.

But I think I love this.  The many projects, the deadlines, and the excitement which accompanies the rush to get it all done.

I must, or else why would I do this to myself every year?

And then I procrastinate.  By blogging, or reading, or re-organizing my crafting supplies, or any other number of things.

But I am excited.

I think I just wanted a quick check in, or send off, before I get started tackling the many hours of things I have left.

I need to make 2 pairs of pajama pants, 3 scripture cases, a quilt, gifts for the nieces, figure out something for my nephew as he wont particularly love the necklace the girls will be getting.  I need to finish the bookmarks I am making (embroidering) for my primary class, finish the gifts for my brother and sister in law and their families.  I am 1/3 done with their gifts.  I will have to post pictures when I finish as they read my blog.  And since we all know I will finish around 5 am Christmas morning, there is no worry of the surprise being spoiled.  And I need to finish the gift I am making for my sister.  30 File Folder games for her kids.  To help them be quiet at Church. I can post that right out loud because she doesn't read my blog. I am supposed to make some peanut brittle for a sing along on Sunday, and of course the Christmas treats for neighbors and friends.

Yep, I think I again bit off more than I can chew.

But that is the way I love it, you know.  So many things on top of me, so many deadlines, and that urgent last minute push to get it all done.  I always wrote my best papers a few hours before they were due.  Sometimes the morning of.  I guess that has just carried over into my real life.  Procrastination at its best.  I did graduate from Procrastinator Univ.  "Finding Tomorrow's Procrastinators, Tomorrow."  That was the motto.

And so, as the clock ticks steadily by, and I continue to waste time being sick and playing with the kids, and doing things like that pesky laundry, the clock continues to tick, and my projects, ever present in my mind, begin to press forward, reminding me of my lack of time.

So, anyone want to go sledding?
How about ice skating?
Winter wont last all year, you know.  It is important to get those fun things done before the snow melts and there is no time left.  Play first, duties later.  That is what makes life more fun*.

*Until time runs out, and then it is chaos.  But all the fun had beforehand makes up for the chaos, doesn't it?!


Chew slowly, my friend!
( and,alas, I am scrambling, too.)
Susan Anderson said…
You are a funny girl, Amy.

In such a good way.


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