Belated Birthday

Gah!  I am behind again!  Will someone please stop this merry go round and let me off?!

Last month Faye had her birthday.  Since she loves animals so much, we went to Wheeler Farm in SLC.

It was all of our first time being there, and it was a lot of fun!  We were going to get to milk some cows, but it got cold and we didn't want to wait around for another hour since the boys were brilliant and both forgot their coats.

It was beautiful, though.  The animals, the brisk wind, the leaves, and the thronging fowl.  I don't think I have ever had a chicken, duck and goose that close to me all at once.

Or ever.  Faye loved it, and Keith had ptsd from a time at the park when a goose saw him and charged.  Had Jeffrey not intervened, the goose would have made short work of my little boy.

They can be viscous, those birds!  In my family, the boys tend to stick together, and the girls stick together.  Which means Faye and I traipsed all over the farm, and I am not sure what the boys did.  But I assure you, we had the better time.  Why?  Because I had the birthday girl with me!

When the cold drove us inside, we headed to Temple Square and played in the children's section at the Church History Museum.  It was not so fun for Jeffrey and me, mainly because we have been there several times and it gets a little old for us.  But for the kids, it is like Christmas.  They can never get enough of that place.  Really, though, it was just nice to be together as a family.  As we were driving home, I remembered that Jeffrey completely missed his dentist appointment.  And we love our dentist!  I am going to have to reschedule that.  One day.

We didn't get home until late, so we had to forgo the cake and ice cream for that night.

However, it worked out wonderfully, as the next day all the family would be over at one point or another.  I made a carrot cake (from scratch.  Birthday cakes should be made from scratch.  Besides, I didn't want to risk another fiasco like we had with Keith's cake!) and right before everyone came over, I frosted it.  Pony style.  The whole time I was frosting, Faye was frustrated.  "That isn't a pony, Mom.  I wanted a pony cake!"  When I finished, she was quite happy.  We sang happy birthday with all the cousins, and Faye couldn't have been happier.  We love when the cousins come to play!

Cake and ice cream around for everyone.  I had little princess wands I gave to all the girl cousins, and every one was happy.  Thus ended the little Princess' birthday.  She has brought so much joy to our lives since she came three years ago, and I honestly can't imagine life without her.  She is a true gem of a girl.


Jenny said… she really three?!?

What a doll! Cute cake, too. I bet it was scrumpdillyicious!
Noodle said…
Can you Belive our little girls have grown up so much!!! I can't... I look at Ally and think where the heck has the time gone... Before we know it they will all be in high school and we will be dealing with teenagers scary!!! =)
Susan Anderson said…
I've heard of Wheeler Farm. It looks fun!

Glad the birthday was a fun one!!


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