Mother's Log.

 Mother's log, date 15 October, 2012.
The day was gorgeous.  I couldn't stand the colors and the sky and the feel in the air.  For that beauty to be wasted in doors would have been a crime.  There was something in the air that insisted the children and I must explore.  We went to a local nature area and explored to our heart's content.


Mother's log, date 16 October, 2012.
Keith's birthday today.  He woke up so early, and rushed to our bedroom.  We greeted him with gifts wrapped in brown paper and tied with red and white baker's twine.

All clothes.  He was disappointed.  Little did he know, we saved the good things for after school.  While he opened his gifts, he listened to the They Might Be Giants birthday song: Older.  It is now his favorite song.  The day was gray, cloudy and blustery.  I loved feeling the light smattering of rain and the wind whipping my hair and skirt around.  That kind of weather always makes me happy.  I accompanied Keith to school and we had a blast.  He is coming along in his reading and I am so proud.  He will make a great man one day.  Wrestled out on the playground with him and his friends.  The teacher was concerned they were hurting me.  Little did she know, I was having just as much fun as the kids.  When we got home from school, I set about making a birthday cake.  Something was wrong with the cake mix.  It was bitter and not sweet at all.  I called the company and they sent me some coupons for free product.  I was happy, though the cake didn't turn out.  Poor boy did not get a birthday cake.  After the cake fail, we set out to a planetarium.

Anything science filled makes that boy happy.  His father, full of pride for the budding scientist bought him a microscope.  After learning about planets we met a friend at a pancake house and enjoyed the food immensely.  Except for Faye.

She was exhausted and fell asleep almost instantly when we got in the car for the ride home.  It was a very long day.  By the time we got home, both kids were exhausted.

We let Keith open his other gifts before putting the tired kids to bed.

Mother's log, date 17 October, 2012
Faye's preschool had a ride to the pumpkin patch today.  It was beautiful, and a whole lot of fun.  We got to ride on a tractor a couple of blocks to the patch where all the kids were then let lose to pick out any pumpkin they wanted.  Silly Faye decided she wanted the smallest one there.  "I just want a baby pumpkin, Mommy.  So I can be the Mommy!"

Despite all the big pumpkins there, she was insistent, and found her baby.  The rest of the day was spent doing regular mom stuff.  It was a nice break from all the business, and the week was just going to get busier.

Mother's log, date 18 October, 2012
We again did something very busy this day, only I can't remember what it was.  I do remember the only empty day I had that whole week was this day.  Keith decided he liked his cake, after all, and ate it for breakfast, despite the bitter flavor.

Mother's log, date 19 October, 2012
This was to be the busiest day yet.  Or so it seemed.  We needed to drive up to Idaho for a wedding reception of my beautiful niece.  Since we were going to be up there anyway, we decided to stop over and see our friends.  Keith was so excited to play with "Hirk" who is really Kirk.  Faye got to play with Sarah, and Garrett just happily ran around, evading his mother.  Oh, his mother happens to be one of my favorite people ever.  Lisa and I met through blogging, but the more we talked, the more we realized we had many connections.  She used to babysit the very niece I was going to see get married!  My other niece had dated her little brother.  She used to live very near where I grew up... and the list goes on.  I never make a trip up to Idaho without trying to see her.  The more I know of her, the more I adore her.

Speaking of people I must see while in Idaho, did I mention my mission President lives there?  In the very town where my sister and her family live.  Oh, and my MP grew up and went to school with my brother in law's mother.  Small world, isn't it?!  Of course, I had to see him, too.  President and SisteI r Lee.  Oh how I love them.  It was a very busy day, with so many things packed in all at once.  And we were still potty training Faye!

First we met with President Lee and had a delightful visit.  Really, it just warms my heart to remember.  How I love that man.  Sister Lee made some of her famous cookies for the kids and me.  We then met Lisa and her brood at a park where the kids ran around playing for a few hours, and Lisa and I were able to catch up and laugh while the kids ran around also catching up and playing.  We love our Idaho friends.  Finally, we met with my family at the reception.

It was quite an adventure.

Faye was the flower girl, and Keith insisted on being the "Ring Man."  Heidi and Aaron (my niece and her at the time fiance) were so sweet and wanted to give Keith their wedding rings so he could feel important as the ring man.

I vetoed that and gave him my rings to carry around.  It was a good thing, too, as he lost them 3-4 times.  Oh, and the kids went a little crazy and nearly pulled the cake down off the table.

It was quite an adventurous day!  We got home very late, and knowing the next day would be worse, I put the kids to bed, and carried my weary bones to my bed.

Mother's log, October 20, 2012
Today was probably the biggest day.  Seriously.  Not only did I have a day full of wedding things, but it is also my birthday.  Shhh.  I didn't really tell people because I didn't want to take away from the bride and her big day. While at the reception the night before, my Heidi asked why I wasn't wearing her colors.  I was supposed to be her Amy of Honor (because Matron of Honor sounds horrible, don't you think?).  Thing is, we had talked about it once, before she was officially engaged, and it wasn't mentioned again after that.  So, the morning of the 20th I woke up early and hurried to Target to get some new diggs for the reception.  After combing the store over several times (we checked maternity, little girl's, exercise, men's, and even intimate apparel) for the right color of purple, I finally found something.  It was exhausting trying to find her color of purple which really is not in season right now.  I was very happy with my purchase, and then went home.  I had 15 minutes to get my kids and husband ready to leave.  By some miracle we made it to the Temple on time!  It was beautiful.  I loved seeing my family there.  And Heidi was radiant!  While there, my sister in law Aubree leaned over and whispered "Happy birthday, Amy."  Yup, it was my birthday, and she was the first person to say anything.  But I didn't mind.  I mean, it was Heidi's big day after all.  You only get married once, and I get a birthday every year.

Besides, she got married on my birthday so she would never forget it.  At least that is what I tease her about.  She is now married, and so happy, and I am so happy for her.  The day was spent doing wedding festivities, and when the day was over, our friend Shem came by and we went to Denny's to celebrate my 31st year on this planet.  Rather anticlimactic, but what can you do?!

Mother's log, October 21, 2012
I had a primary lesson to teach today.  I hadn't really had time to plan it at all.  It went fine.  It was very nice, however, to have a day that could be spent at home.  I got to sleep today.  It was the best day ever.  A day of repose.  Finally.

Mother's log, October 22, 2012
Today is my father's birthday!  We had dinner at my parent's house with my grandparents.  It was also the second Presidential Debate.  Didn't make for the best meal, I tell you what.  I was completely exhausted from all the political slandering. I come from a very opinionated family and the constant debating and griping was really making me tired.

Mother's log, October 23, 2012
Today, I had nothing to do.  It was glorious!  Finally, a day that wasn't packed to the teeth.  Who knew rest could taste so sweet?!  Unfortunately, it seems my whole month is going to be like that week.  Chaotically busy.  One day life will slow down and I will wonder where all the action and fun went.  Then again, I am sure my energy will also wear down by that point and I will be grateful for the quiet.


Emmy said…
Oh those fall walk pictures! All of them heavenly! The colors the fun- love them all and it makes me really jealous of a real fall.
Glad Keith had a fun birthday and was happy with the rest of his presents.
Happy belated birthday! I too forgot our birthdays are so close.
The wedding cake is beautiful.
Noodle said…
Its crazy how busy life as a mom can be... Somany people think stay at home moms just sit around and watch tv and eat... If they only knew how busy and full our lives were =)
Susan Anderson said…
That fall walk was idyllic. And it was so much fun reading your mother's log. What a good idea to keep one.

Happy birthday, belatedly. And it looks like Keith had some fun with his, too, birthday cakeless and all.

Em said…
Happy birthday late! We have been the revolving door of sickness and now injuries.
Lara Neves said…
I love the Mother's Log idea. You are such a good example of getting down and playing with your children...I admit that is not my strength as a mother. :)

And happy belated birthday!
It's still November... I'm not to late! Happy Birthday, Little Man! I must say, I get the feeling you are one fun boy to play around with. Especially in mud.

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