For these three months, I have never had much use.  They have always seemed to be too dreary to me.  Too long.  I was SO not a fan.

And then, this wonderful week happened.  

The temperatures were in the glorious 70's.  In November!
Today, the kids and I decided to head up to go to a museum.  But honestly, it didn't work out.  

Something about the deep blue of the sky, and the fiery orange of the apple tree insistently beckoned and we could not resist.  We got our picnic blanket out of the van, a basket of books, thermos of hot cocoa, and settled under the beautiful branches.
Keith couldn't resist the branches and it made me so happy to see him actually exploring the love up in the tree.  
When I was a kid, tree living was a huge part of my life.  I remember taking books up into the branches, and spending hours, comfortably situated, living in a completely different world.  
The afternoon was a dream.

The leaves fell down around us, like brilliant snowflakes, accentuating the moment.  We giggled, and talked, and read.  We read and read and read.  Jeffrey came home, found us lounging under the tree, and joined us. Which means, he immediately became Faye's pillow.  
A trip to the library yesterday gave us ample books to read.  I picked out a Roald Dahl favorite, hoping to get Keith more interested in reading.  The Twits.  As we sat under the tree, laughing at the revolting descriptions, the moment became crystallized in my memory.  The freckles on Keith's nose seemed to crouch down when he laughed, and I loved it.  We read the whole book.  Right then and there. 
It may be my favorite memory up to date.  When we finished that book, we had a whole stack of Dr. Seuss books which we devoured when we finished The Twits.  I leaned up against the trunk of the tree, Keith snuggled up to me, and we laughed at the nonsensical words.  Faye and Jeffrey had gone inside long before, leaving us in the moment.
If all Novembers can be as magical as today was, I would love to have a year full of them!  
There is a lesson in that, you know.  I just need to create magic memories for myself to cherish and make those three hard months something to which I can look forward.  But really, today was the epitome of all my fall loves and daydreams.  


Trish said…
It has been unseasonably warm down here as well! We are still in the 80s! And its super humid, so its pretty much still summer. Boo! But next week is supposedly going to be cooler! Please let it be so!
The house I grew up in had an apple orchard behind it. So many days climbing trees, playing games.... That house now has a fenced yard, the the orchard is gone (sniff, sniff), but I love watching my girls climb the trees in our little yard. Makes me remember being little.
Susan Anderson said…
What a beautiful post, Amy.

As a little girl, my mom had a favorite tree that she always climbed up to sit in while she was reading.

Em said…
i wish EVERY november could be like it has been. AMAZING!!!
Jenny said…
Awww. This post just made my heart smile!

Emmy said…
Looks like true Heaven! Love love your basket with books outside. You are such a fun mom

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