Conference, Mustaches, and Halloween

This weekend was General Conference.  My favorite time of the year for me.  It always makes the fall that much better.  A spiritual enlightenment combined with the fall weather is fabulous.  It made me happy.  A time when we can sit down together as a family and be edified by the word of God is always a wonderful time, though.

Friday, in preparation, or really, just for fun, the kids and I headed out to the Hollow.  I sure the love that place.  It is gorgeous every time of year.
Sunday, before Conference, Faye and I were picking up the toys, and ended up playing up with the Mr. Potato Head mustaches.  She is such a funny girl.

Today, we headed to our rental house to take care of some of the unruly weeds and chaos  of the yard.  The kids played and helped us pull the weeds and attempt some order amidst the jungle.  It was so nice to be working together as a family.  I can't wait until we can work together in a yard of our own... er, a yard that we actually will get to see and live in and enjoy.  This was just practice, and it made me happy.  The unity of working together is always wonderful.  Because a family who works hard together, stays together, or something like that.

As a treat for the kids, we picked up the Halloween box from storage and brought it home.  We unpacked and decorated, and they are thrilled.  Opening up the Halloween box is like Christmas to them.  The wonder and love and joy from the decorations makes them so excited and me so happy to see the magic on their faces.

This really is the best time of the year.  And I will most likely say that again, and again, but it remains true.  Love it!


Heather said…
We went to the hollow too this weekend- although on Saturday, not Friday. We ended up taking the right fork right before you go up the hill- THINKING we could avoid going up a hill- UH NO. There was still a big massive incline that had to be conquered. We took Rowan to the lake/pond- whatever that is. I see that the little creek is quite low- sad :0(
Susan Anderson said…
I love Fall, too. And conference. We were traveling this time, and it just wasn't the same. We were listening to talks on my iPhone. I really missed having the Spirit in my home.


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