When Activity Rejection Gets You Down

It was a family reunion weekend.

My brother flew in from MD, my niece went through the temple for the first time, and there was a large family reunion.

It was lovely.

As we were at the family reunion, my brother and his kids walked into the backyard.  When he saw his cousins, Keith immediately jumped up and rushed over to them.  His cousin (who just turned 8) and Keith were inseparable.  They went the rest of the afternoon with their arms around each other.  It was darling to see.

They moved away in July, and my kids have missed their cousins like mad.

Sunday after church we went to my mother's house, where they were staying, and visited while the kids played until late.  Very late.

Monday, we planned to go to a children's museum, but it was the one day of the year that it is closed for cleaning.  Go figure.  Instead we went to an airplane museum.  And guess what, the kids area is always closed on Mondays.  It would have been nice to have known that.  Sigh.

They did enjoy running around looking at all the airplanes, though.  At least that was fun for them.

As they say, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again.  So, we tried again.  This time we went to the wetlands refuge.  It is outdoors, free, and never closed.  Can't go wrong there, can you?  Except for the rain.  But a little rain never hurt anyone.  It just amplifies the memory and the experience, right?  I had never been there before, and am sort of in love with it now.  Especially with the rain.

How could I have not known about it before?

We are sure going to miss the cousins when they go back home.

Oh, and Monday I got all my dead ends cut off.  I haven't tried my hair curly yet.  I am a little nervous of the extreme shortness it will be, but what can you do?
 When Jeffrey saw it, he said "I hate short hair on girls, but if you had to go short, that is my favorite short hair style.  I still hate short hair, but I am glad you did it that way.  You always look beautiful, and I love you, so I guess I love it on you because it is a part of you.  Just don't cut it anymore, okay?"

Full of sweetness, isn't he?


Trish said…
My husband doesn't like short hair on girls that much either. He didn't tell me when I had short hair though because he is just too nice about things like that. But now that I'm growing it out, he is letting me know!
Lisa said…
You are beautiful! And I loved the wetlands park when we lived there! glad you discovered it! Oh and ps- we went through that EXACT experience with those 2 museums one year! Crazy!
Unknown said…
Your hair looks amazing!
Emmy said…
I love it, I think it looks great! Glad you had a great time with family even if things didn't work out as first hoped for. And yes, very surprising you didn't know about refuge as that totally seems like something right up your alley.
Susan Anderson said…



PS. I think it's adorable.
Noodle said…
Love the Hair!!! I'm still growing mine out from the last time it got cut... And my hubby said he felt like he was married to a boy because my hair was so short =) After about two or three weeks he got used to it and said he could live with it but lets not do that again hehehehe boys are too funny =)

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