Twilight Frolics

The kids and I went on our Autumnal Pilgrimage today.  There are not words to express the bliss.  I will attempt an onslaught of pictures when I am more alert. I am tired.  Today was perfect.  I would relive it a thousand times if I could.  But the most part of that must be saved for another time.

After the kids were put to bed, I sat down with my phone and decided to clean it out.

I sat down at my computer and stared at the blank screen as I deleted things from the phone.

Jeffrey came upstairs and told me we were going for a walk.  We were out of bath soap.  

Walmart is a mere 5 minute walk from our house.  

Late night walks make me so happy.  Especially now.

I jumped down the stairs, slipped on my boots, and pulled my exciting new coat out of the closet.

What better time to try it out, than a late night autumnal walk?

We strolled over to the store, got the goods, returned them home, and then I did the unthinkable.

I convinced Jeffrey to go for another walk.

I couldn't help it.  The air was so crisp, and I so cozy in my lovely new jacket.  There is something about being toasty on the inside and feeling the sharp and somewhat tingly awakening air on the face and hands.  When the breeze sighs around playing with my hair, I admit, I swoon ever so slightly.  And then, tinge the air with that illustrious scent of fireplace smoke, and I am a complete goner.  

We walked the streets hand in hand beneath the near full moon enjoying each other's company.  We had quite a walk, I tell you what!  

I desperately wanted to pause the moment and be able to live it over and over and over.  We roamed the neighborhood until Jeffrey was exhausted and I had gotten a bit of my restlessness out, and we returned home.  

I made myself a lovely cup of mint tea, and joined Jeffrey in our room where we watched Sherlock Holmes. I love a good mystery.

And then I widened the crack in my window a bit so I could inhale that incredible fireplace scent to permeate my dreams.

Tomorrow is a big day.  A very exciting big day.  A day where I meet a friend.  Which is why I love this internet thing.  People I have known for a long time I get to finally meet.  

For now, I am going to cuddle with Jeffrey, breathe this glorious smell which is wafting all over me, and dream delicious autumnal dreams.

I really wish this day could go on forever!


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