Something Happened This Weekend, I Think. I Can't Remember.

Somewhere between Thursday night and Sunday morning I managed to get 11 hours of sleep.  It was an epic weekend, I tell you what!

When I get that much sleep, my memory seems to fail me a bit.  We did a lot, but the timeline is a bit muddled, so I am just going to throw it all out there as it is in my mind, right?  

There was such a lovely lightening and thunder storm.  It woke me up around sometime, and Jeffrey and I laid in the dark talking about all the times we played in lightening and thunderstorms.  Something about the crackling electricity draws me like a moth to a fly.  I mean fire.  A moth to a fire.  Sigh.  It was beautiful, and such a lovely experience to share with Jeffrey.

One day the weather was lovely, so the kids and I decided to go to a bird park.  We had so much fun!  Can't wait to go there again with the kids.  Maybe Jeffrey can come with us next time.  

Did you know some birds have eyelashes?  I didn't.  It was sort of neat to see them with such long beautiful eyelashes.  Peacocks followed us around the park, and Keith and Faye learned that male is boy and female is girl.  I love watching them learn.

Saturday was supposed to be mellow.  But something happened.  I am not sure.  I have been so crazy busy this weekend, and it is only going to get worse.  Sigh.  Does life ever slow down?  I am just wondering.  And hoping.  I would really like things to slow down just a little bit so I can enjoy my kids while they are little.

Maybe come October.


Familia Morales said…
Eyelashes? Really? I want to see a bird up close now.
Enjoy those kiddos as much as you can--time flies!
Susan Anderson said…
A bird with eyelashes? Somehow that surprises me!

Cute pics of the kids, Amy...

Aww, what awesome pictures. Your kids are so adorable! I wish I could have gone to the bird park with you fun.

Hope you can get to slow down even just a little bit :) Enjoy your day!
Emmy said…
You were sleepy you have a few of the pictures twice :) It does look like a fun place. And hope you are getting caught up on your sleep!!
Jenny said…
No fair!

A bird has eyelashes and I don't!



Life never slows down. You just gotta grab the ring when it passes you by.

And send an e-mail in the meantime.

Em said…
eyelashes??? so cool.

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