Sunday, September 16, 2012

"So Annoying"

Every child has their nightly ritual of stalling.

It seems they cannot sleep if they do not complete their ritual.

We as parents try to foresee the stalls and anticipate their needs, so as to illiminate the excuses.

We send them to the bathroom first.  We read them stories.  We bring them drinks, etc.

And yet they always invent excuses.

Tonight, Faye got out of bed after all seeming excuses had been used up.  She stood in our bedroom doorway and squinted around.

"Mommy," she said, "I don't like that song.  Don't sing it anymore."

I had to think for a moment what on earth she could be talking about.  Then it dawned on me.  Five minutes earlier I had been singing her bedtime song as I got myself ready for bed.  She had heard me through the walls, and decided it was a great excuse to get out of bed.

I told her I wouldn't sing it anymore, and that she needed to go back to bed.

"O. Kay!" she humphed.

She knows that I only tuck her in once a night.  If I didn't have that rule, I would spend most of the night in her room.  As she stomped down the hall, clearly mad that I was making her get back in bed, I called out after her.

"I love you, Faye.  Good night."

She had reached her door, opened it, and then stopped.

"Don't say that anymore, Mommy.  It's so annoying."

Then she went into her room and put herself back to bed as easy as you like.

I had to laugh.

To hear such a word come out of a two year old was rather comical!

That girl has spunk, that is for sure.


Lisa said...

Ha ha ha! That girl sure is a cutie! Love it!

Lourie said...

That is hysterical, Amy!

Lourie said...

That is hysterical, Amy! Hahaha.

Susan Anderson said...


That love thing is such an intrusion...