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How is it four people can make so much laundry?  And in just a few days?  Really?

I do laundry twice a week.  Mondays and Thursdays, or Tuesdays and Fridays.  And yet, there never seems to be an end to it.  I know this doesn't look like a lot, but note the basket which is overflowing behind the piles of folded clothes.

I could do laundry all day long, but when it comes to folding, we just don't see eye to eye.

Which would explain why our decor has changed from walkable carpet space, to baskets of clean clothes, and piles of clean clothes all over the bedroom floors.  Yes, that is plural floor.  In our bedroom and in the kids room.  Because they do what we do.  When our room is clean, so is theirs.  When we carpet our floors with clothes, so do they.

Rugs?  Who needs them?  I have a family who goes through more than one outfit a day and a deep aversion to folding clothes.


Emmy said…
Yes! Why does laundry never go away and how is there always so much?? Those questions will always be asked but never answered.
I do a load of laundry everyday. Often two. I hate it.
Susan Anderson said…
I am the exception to the rule because I never hated laundry. I sort of loved getting everything clean and then taking it out of the dryer smelling sweet and fresh. Also loved the warmth of it.

What can I say? I'm strange.


PS. In our house, each kid had a different colored laundry basket that I would fill with folded clothes, and they were responsible for putting everything in it away regularly.
Chantel said…
This is why I have to do a load every night. It just gets too unmanageable if not.
Jenny said…
For years I always did a load in the morning and a load at night.

It was one of the fun things of having the Grandlittles stay here.

It's amazing how much you miss folding little underwear when your kids grow up and move away.
Lisa said…
Hilarious. Love it.

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