Let's Live In A Cave!

Yesterday was a busy day.  Lots of errand running and organizing.

Jeffrey and I needed to run some errands which took the majority of the day.

It was somewhat entertaining watching Jeffrey understand what my days are like.

He commented on how tiring the kids are.

Yay!  Finally, he understands!  It is so satisfying to share the kid exhaustion just for one day.

We took them to Target and decided to bribe them with popcorn.

Bribing them to get them to settle down a bit and keep their hands to themselves.

It didn't work.

I laughed, Jeffrey moaned.

So satisfying somehow.

On our way home, Jeffrey began to tease the kids that we were lost, and would have to live in the woods we were traveling through.  He told them we would have to sleep in the trees and hunt for our food.

Keith began hatching plans immediately and asking questions.

"Where would we park our car?  How would you turn your computer on?"

Faye was much more practical.

"Why don't we just dig a whole and live there?"

I love seeing them develop critical thinking skills.

They are so smart!

Keith starts school tomorrow.

The excitement in the air is tangible.

Today I had to go to an orientation for his school.

I hate bureaucracy.

But I am happy that they have finally okayed him to bring his own lunch.

Faye is also very excited for school to start, though she only goes to school twice a month.

I found a darling backpack from Crocodile Creek and ordered it.
It arrived today.  I tried to hide it so we could give it to her for her birthday.

She is a sneaky little girl.  Of course, she found it and then wore it all night long.

I can't wait to see how they develop with some actual structure and training of their minds.  I love that learning is so exciting to them.

And right now is somewhat perfect.  Have I mentioned that the mornings are getting slightly chilly?  And the leaves are changing colors?  It is looking like a proper back to school fall, after all.  Happiness!


Susan Anderson said…
Glad they have come to their sense about letting you supply lunch!

And once Dave took a week off work so I could go on a vacation with my girlfriends. All the dads babysat for us, and they appreciated the six of us a lot more by the time we got home!

Lisa said…
Woot woot for happy news!

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