When a random leaf thrills you to the core.

The seasons are beginning to change.  This always thrills me.  And thanks to all the fires we have been dealing with lately, the sunsets have been breathtaking.
 Monday morning the kids and I decided to eat breakfast outside.  I love our patio furniture!  It is a must have for life, I think.  To have the food be seasoned by the fresh outdoors and the heavenly breezes makes it more gourmet than any fancy chef could ever do.  As we were enjoying our oatmeal, Keith was daydreaming.  As usual. His eyes were focused above my head, and I could see an adventure brewing behind his sweet blue eyes.  He squinted for a moment, and then jumped out of his chair and pointed.

"Look, look Mom!  The first yellow leaf of fall!  That means its almost my birthday!"  He was jumping up and down in excitement.

Sure enough, a beautiful golden leaf stood out like a jewel.  Vibrant and promising of cool weather and a feast of colors for the eyes.

I could feel the excitement filling up from my toes, throughout my entire body.  Tingling, thrilling and promising.  Together, we grabbed the camera and hurried over to get a picture.  The first yellow leaf.  It almost felt like we needed to have a celebration.  Keith and I did a little happy dance before going back to finish our breakfast.

As we finished our meal, a leaf skitted along the brick patio.  The scratchy noise made me look down and I saw another leaf.  I have no idea where it came from as all the trees around are fully green (but that one).  We picked it up and reveled in the anticipation of autumn coming.  Dreams and castles are being created in the sky as we speak.  There is no help to it.  The Autumn MUST be celebrated as the most beautiful and invigorating time of the year.

We cleaned up our breakfast and went inside to play with paint.  Our little way to celebrate the coming of the season of colors.

The kids painted bird houses while I worked on another project for my art therapy.  Paint splatters.  It was a lot of fun.  I was surprised.  When the kids saw me flipping paint, of course they had to join in the fun.  :)  And then while they finished up their paintings, I cleaned the paint splatters off the wall, and doors, and floor.  
It is wonderful to be able to help cultivate a love for art in my children.  Granted, I haven't had to do much as that love already exists, but to help give them opportunities to develop their talents makes me happy.  I have seen so much growth already!  And the pride they have in their work is reward in and of itself.  It is good to see them so happy.

Speaking of happy, Jeffrey is now a pilot.  He takes his chopper out for a quick fly every night, just to fill the exhilaration and the wind created by those propellers.  He is like a little boy again with this dream.  Isn't flying a chopper every little boy's dream?  
 Especially if it can be flown in the house?


Emmy said…
Eric had a helicopter like that and loved flying it too. And how awesome that the leaf fell while you were out there. Fall really is wonderful
Susan Anderson said…
Keith always says such "old" things.

I love fall, too. It is my favorite season, hands-down.

Jenny said…


Cooler weather?

Acccckkk!!!! I'm so jealous I could spit!


but I'm still kinda/sorta happy for you all!

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