Waifs and Lovies

Saturday I had a realization.

There is a reason I am Faye's favorite person in the world.

Saturday was a very busy day.  Jeffrey luckily didn't have a lot to do, so he offered to stay home and watch the kids while I ran around with the errands we had to accomplish.  Our niece was getting baptized and we wanted to get her something to show her how proud of her we are.  We decided on a picture of a temple in a nice frame.  I rushed off to the store to get it and quite honestly enjoyed my time alone.  It is rare, and it is precious.  Which translates into "I know I was in a rush, but I took my time regardless."

I wandered through the store, looking at books and other curiosities.  The picture we wanted wasn't there, so I had to decide on something else.  I pondered over all the art work and finally found the perfect thing for her.  I then rushed to a thrift shop for some matting and a frame.  It had to be perfect.  Because I am like that.  When I give someone a gift, I want it to be absolutely perfect.

found two frames and loved them both.  I purchased them and ran to another store to get some food for the after baptism family dinner, then filled up the van and hurried home.  We had just an hour before we had to leave, and I still had to paint the frame (I love spray paint on hot summer days.  It dries so fast!), and I knew I would have to get the kids ready still.

I walked into the house.  It was dark.  No one had opened the blinds in the morning.  The floor was a war zone.  So many toys, daring you to walk through without tripping or stepping on them.  Cereal was all over the floor in the kitchen, and a frizzy haired Faye still in her pajamas sat happily playing in and eating the cereal.

When she saw me, she jumped up and ran to me, face glowing and arms stretched up.  She began to tell me about her day and I noticed she was in dire need of a diaper change.  I sighed, put my bags down on the counter and had to laugh.  It was nearly 2:30 in the afternoon.

My poor girl.  When I am not around, she runs around like a waif.  If she is hungry, she will fend for herself.  Cereal?  No problem.  Once it is tipped down from the cupboard shelf that she can't reach without a chair, she can eat to her heart's content.  Which is what she did.

Ever conscious of the time, I spun into action.  And the best miracle of all, we were actually early to the baptism.  Which was beautiful.

At the end of the busy and special day, we tore the kids away from their cousins and headed home.

And then Faye began all over again.

"I'm itchy.  I'm itchy.  I'm itchy."  For the thirty minute drive she whined and complained about being itchy again.  5 minutes from home, she fell asleep.  Go figure.

I carried her inside, and she didn't wake up.  I had to change her diaper again, and then laid her in her bed.  She still didn't wake up.  I then hurried to the store to get some vitamins for the kids, and some lotion for Faye.  I sneaked back into her room and peeled her out of the cocoon she had created in the blankets.  Her eyes fluttered open and I fed her a gummy vitamin.  She was so tired she could barely chew it.  It was adorable to watch.  I softly sang to her as I gently rubbed lotion all over her body.  Her eyes slowly closed again.  I relished the closeness we have.  I loved looking at her dark eyelashes softly resting on her full sleep flushed cheeks.  Her curls were matted to her head from the sweat of her nap, and she had sleep lines going down one cheek.  I had the hardest time getting her to stay on her back so I could rub the lotion on her tummy, but once I started to rub, she no longer tried to roll over.  She lay still, her chest softly rising and falling with sleepy breaths and occasionally she would murmur something indistinguishable.  I couldn't believe how she slept through the whole thing.  I didn't want to leave her, but I needed to hunt down Keith and make sure he wasn't getting into any trouble.  I pulled her blankets up around her, tucking them gently under her body, and quietly left the room.  I promised myself I would not ever forget that moment.

I found Keith and got him ready for and tucked into bed, and then relaxed into my book, waiting for my turn with the washer.  The kids had evidently had a popcorn fight while I was running errands, and popcorn was squished all over my room and especially my bed.  When the washer was vacant, I stripped my bed down, and decided to wash the kids' lovies.  Keith's bear and Faye's blanket.  The blanket was covered in goobers from Faye's nose because of her cold, and Keith's bear smelled vile.  He likes to chew on the tag (which he calls a pterodactyl for some reason) and tons of dried on saliva smells nothing like petunias and vanilla.  I quietly opened their door and climbed up to get Faye's blanket first.  She is on the top bunk now, so doing things with her is a bit more difficult.  And she was sleeping right on top of the blanket.  Not a small part, but the whole thing.  As in the blanket was positioned horizontally directly under her horizontal body.  With great fear that I would wake her, I slowly scooped her up with one arm while tugging the blanket with the other.  I couldn't believe it.  She stayed asleep!

I climbed down and went over to get Keith's bear from his bed.  Much easier.  But I couldn't resist a big smooch which very easily could have awakened him.  His cheeks melt my heart every time.  They are so round and squishy.  I cannot pass them without kissing them.  Especially when he is asleep.  Lucky for me, he stayed asleep.

I got them washed and dried and returned them still warm from the drier and smelling fresh and clean.  As I draped Faye's blanket over her body, I could see her relax and slightly smile.  She loves that blanket!  I pulled her big sheet and blanket on top of her and her baby blanket and longed to just hold her and rock her and sing to her.  She is getting so big now!

After giving Keith his bear, I again had to extra long kiss his cheeks.  I stood in their doorway, watching the pair of them sleep happily, and I knew without a doubt that mine is the best job in the world.


Susan Anderson said…
Awwww. What a perfect day.

You are a good mom.

Emmy said…
I always spend more money when I shop by myself as there is something wonderful about it.

And yes I agree you are a wonderful mother

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