School Lunch

I have six siblings.

I am the fifth of seven.

As children, we were taught to work hard, and enjoy delicious food from the garden we grew.  

We were also lucky enough to take home lunch all through school.  

Smashed peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and either a green pepper (yes, a whole one) or a tomato (again, a whole one).  When I was thirsty, I would finish my lunch, go out to the hall, and get a drink.  

I thought I was so picked on and deprived.

Now, I see how lucky I was.

Keith starts school soon, and I have been going the rounds with them.  Doing my best to jump through their hoops and convince them that school lunch is disgusting and my children should not have to put that bilge in their bodies.

Again, many hoops later, I have finally convinced them to let me pack his lunch.  

I have to have a menu approved by the school dietitian.

And so, I have a menu blog.  Just started it.

Something for the dietitian to check on to make sure I am not giving my son McDonald's and KFC and hot dogs every day.  

Which sort of makes me laugh, because, really.  Do they even know me?!  

At any rate, if anyone wants some tasty, healthy, not your run of the mill pb&h lunch ideas, feel free to check it out!  Keep in mind, school doesn't start until after Labor Day, but I am trying to make Jeffrey's lunches for him.  It is a journey in the making.


Terra said…
omg I can't believe it is not just as simple as you packing the lunch...WOW! I am checking out your menu!!!!
Jenny said…
Wow. That's good and weird...all at the same time. Maybe it will help the childhood obesity problem.

But still.

I'm going to go check this out.

Susan Anderson said…
That is crazy that you have to get *permission* to feed your own child. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Familia Morales said…
Keith is starting school already?! Wow! I'm going to check out your menu--after a week of pb&j sandwiches my kids will be ready for a change.
Emmy said…
Oh will definitely be checking you out. And really the school cares that much and is worried that much?? That is good and kind of annoying at the same time.

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