In My Arms Is Where They Belong

Life just doesn't get any better.

I say that, and have to laugh because my blog is slightly bi-polar.

At any rate, those kids of mine are just wonderful.

Today I had to take them in to the clinic to get their iron and lead tested.

Who knew that lead was even an issue now days?

After waiting for an hour we finally got in and Keith was all nerves.  He hates needles like a slug hates salt.

We went into the room and Keith immediately began crying.  Again.  He had been crying off and on all morning since finding out he was going to get his finger pricked.

I had to hold him down while two nurses also held onto him and pricked his finger.  Just a little finger prick is all it was.  And he cried like his arm had just been cut off.  For about an hour.  I may be exaggerating.  It might have been only half an hour, but it certainly seemed like longer.  It was exhausting!

Faye watched Keith intently, and was obviously scared when it was her turn.  Of course she would be, she just saw her brother excel with an Oscar worthy performance.

She climbed up onto my lap and looked very worried.  It took quite a bit of convincing to get her fingers pried open, but once they did, it was no problem.  She didn't even cry.  No worries for her.  She is a champ.

After the prick, she merely said "That hurt, Mommy."

And that was it..

Evidently Keith is perfectly healthy.  Yay

Faye is low on iron.

Which is not surprising, seeing as how I have always been borderline anemic.  Except when I am pregnant.  Then I am full blown anemic.

To appease them, we stopped by the DI and I splurged.  I told them they could pick out any toy they wanted.  I know, I am great like that.  The toys at the DI are generally less than a dollar.  Yup, I am that great mom.  But the kids don't know any better.  In their eyes, I am a super hero.

Keith was somewhat scarred from his tiny finger prick, he had a hard day the rest of the day.  His nap was an ordeal.  And short lived.  He was very mad at me for trying to help him take a much needed nap and he grounded me from cuddling with him ever again.  He didn't want to do anything I suggested, he just wanted to be ornery.  I decided to read Faye a story, full well knowing it wouldn't be long before I had both of my darlings cuddled up on my lap, smelling their little heads bobbing in front of me, and trying to maneuver the book to a place where I could see the words over their heads.  I was right.  So much for me being grounded.

I am brainwashing my children by the way.

I read to them a lovely used book I found called We Help Mommy.  It was written in 1951 and is all about 2 children, a boy and a girl, who help their mother clean and cook and wash and grocery shop.  Every time we read that, the kids are extremely excited to help me with the household chores.  I love it.

We then got a snack of zucchini bread (which I was informed needs to be made again and this time Keith has to help me.  His words, not mine.) and went outside to blow bubbles.  The colored kind.  The kind that if you spill it, your clothes are that color.  I know this from experience today.

We decided to go in and get ready for Daddy to come home from work.  He had been promising them we could go out to eat for about a week and they were so excited.  And yet, when we got to the restaurant and got our food, guess who picked at it?  Yup, both of my kids.

Keith asked what his hotdog was made out of.  I told him cows and pigs.  He asked if it was made out of the animal cows and pigs.  I told him yes.  He said he doesn't want to eat it anymore.  Jeffrey got mad at me, but I figure if he is old enough to ask, he is old enough to know.  I didn't elaborate, I merely said yes, but it was sad to see a little bit of innocence leaving his eyes and the sadness that replaced it.

When we got home, his cousins were here, and he was overjoyed to see them, as was Faye.  My sister in law sells Paparazzi jewelry and had set up shop upstairs.

Once all the company had gone home, Keith wandered up, looked at the jewelry and immediately began making plans to buy the jewelry and give it away.  My friend Heather just had a baby, and Keith picked out some very 80's style earrings he wanted to give her.  I was so proud of his big heart!  He found a bracelet he wanted to give his grandmother, and then decided he would rather make her one and hide it under her pillow for her to find when she went to bed.  He also decided he wanted to buy me a ring.

Alas, the boy had no money.  He has a habit of carrying around the money he earns, and subsequently losing it.

I gave him some chores to do, and then gave him enough money to buy one thing.  He bought me the ring he had his heart set on.  He told me it looked like Captain America's shield.  He was going to save it for my birthday, so I didn't look when he bought it, but he is like me.  It is so fun to give gifts, and so hard to wait!  So, he gave me the ring tonight, and I gave him extra tight squeezes.  I love that boy and his heart 5 sizes too large.

Seriously, I have a hard time understanding why women want to work outside of the home.  And many feminists will want to tar and feather me for that, but it is true.  My children bring me so much joy, I can't imagine letting someone else have that joy and have to be told about it!

At the end of the day, when the ordeals are over and through with, my arms is where they want to be, and I am quite all right with that.  In my arms is exactly where I want them to be as well.


Susan Anderson said…
I was always grateful that I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with our kids. Some of my friends were not so lucky, and I never took it for granted.


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