I Love To See The Temple

Yesterday was a hard day.  Full of broken promises resulting in heartbreak and disappointment.  But we all have days like that, right?  I decided a nap for the kids and myself would most likely help the day a bit.  It was lovely.  We napped from around 2-5.  I think the last time I napped that long I was 5.  We got up and proceeded to get ready for a very special family night.

We were going to go to the Brigham City Temple open house.

Faye slept until Jeffrey got home from work.  It was fun for him to be able to go in and wake Faye up.  That girl is funny.

When we got over by her bed, she sat straight up and said "I wake up!"

We picked her up and she gave us both big sweet hugs.

"I had good dreams!"  She squealed.

"Oh really?  What did you dream?"  Jeffrey asked.

"I dreamed about ponies and princesses and castles and rainbows.  And unicorns." She exclaimed

It made us laugh.  Isn't that every little girl's dream?  Typical.

We hurried and scarfed food down, and then headed out to the Temple open house.

It was such a wonderful experience!

We believe Temples are holy places once they have been dedicated.  Before they are dedicated, the public is invited to enter and go on a tour.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Keith really impressed me while we were there.

I am beginning to think Keith is an Old Soul.  He was so reverent and respectful while we were at the Temple.  While we were waiting in line, Keith said he couldn't wait to go in because he wanted to feel the Holy Spirit in his heart.  He was very solemn and had such big eyes, taking everything in with reverence.  I was amazed that a four year old could act so... well, old.

Faye on the other hand acted her age exactly.  She ran all over the place, had to touch everything, and had a very hard time with an inside reverent voice.  The promise of ice cream wasn't enough to keep her busy body still.  Afterwards when I asked her what her favorite part of going to see the Temple was, she said the bus ride up there.

Because there are so many people who want to see the Temple, everyone parked quite a ways away and a bus took people too and fro so there wasn't congestion or confusion with traffic or parking.  The kids absolutely loved riding on the bus and asked when they can again.

We finished the tour around 10:00 and decided to just go home and do ice cream today.  The kids were so tired and didn't put up too much of a fuss.

So now, we are headed out to DQ for some ice cream and then because the clouds are perfect, we are going to lay on the grass and make cloud shapes, a favorite past-time of ours.
google image
It is a good thing I have such a wonderful family to help lighten those disappointments and heartaches.  I am not sure how I could do it without them.  I am so blessed to have such a wise son and jubilant daughter!  They certainly lighten the days.  And the days that are absolutely light, well, as my grandmother always said, "They make me soar!"


Aren't kids wonderful? The same little kids that can drive us crazy can also make us the most happy!! What an amazing experience for your kids to go in the Temple. I wish my kids could go and I hear Carson say he wants to go to the temple and it fills my heart. Funny about fays dream!!
What temple was that? What a beautiful day worth remembering. Your babies are just so beautiful.
Emmy said…
Sorry for the rough start to do the day, but it sure sounds like it ended so wonderfully even magical.
Susan Anderson said…
Sounds like a perfect resolution to a difficult day.

And that cloud elephant is amazing!


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