Feet. A Child's Perspective

Faye is an aspiring photographer.  She took all of these photos.

I love her perspective.

Four separate photos with either feet or foot prints in them.

Are you as impressed with the two year old photographer as I am?


Looks like what I find on my camera. Thanks for changing my perspective on that!
Susan Anderson said…
She is clearly a visionary...with her feet on the ground.

Emmy said…
I have folders full of my kids first pictures they first took. It is fun to see things from their perspective
Jenny said…
So cute!

Gosh, she is a better photographer than I am!

Really cute!
Unknown said…
Looks like someone is trying to follow on your footsteps. You've got your little apprentice of your own. She's good. Wait when she'll grow up. She'll be better than you. lol
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