A Picture Drought

For some reason, I forgot to take pictures all day today.  That happens sometimes.  We just get busy with life, enjoying the moment, and forget.  Er, I forget.  The kids take plenty of pictures, and I have a hard time getting the phone away from them.  Which could be part of the reason why there are not many pictures lately.

Today Keith and I ran many errands.  My niece had her birthday on Sunday, and was down visiting, so I took her and her brother (whose birthday is in about two weeks) out to lunch.  We went to a little Vietnamese restaurant.  It was delicious.  As always.  Though Keith wasn't too impressed by it.  He didn't eat any of his food.  He spent most of his time at the fish tank and entertaining us with his constant chatter.  That boy seriously does not stop talking when he has a captive audience.

We had some errands to take care of at the bank and then home again, home again jiggity jig.

When we got home, I sat down to compile my menu and grocery list which took most of the afternoon.  When I finished and dinner was ready, I asked Faye, who had been loudly bouncing around the house, where her brother was.  "He's right here!" she said.  "He's asleep."

I got up to see what she was talking about and indeed, the boy had conked out on the couch.

He is such a sweet sleeper.

When he woke up, he lumbered sleepily into the kitchen and climbed up on my lap.  He told me he was very cold and just wanted me to wrap my arms around him.  When I persuaded him to get up and play, he reluctantly got down and listlessly walked around the house.  I worry that he doesn't feel well.  He didn't want any dinner either.  No lunch and no dinner for my boy.  I just wish I could help him always be happy and healthy.  Poor boy.  Maybe he will be better tomorrow.  One can only hope.

After I got the kids down, I made Jeffrey's lunch for tomorrow.  I am glad to have a little trial run before actually getting started with Keith's.  Yay!

On another note, one of the girls in my primary class made me laugh a lot on Sunday.  She turned around and saw a new girl.  "What's your name?" she asked.  The girl answered.  The girl in my class thought for a moment, and then said "Did you know Satan makes you lie?"  It was a little awkward and extremely funny.  I love little kids.  They are hilarious!


Emmy said…
Lol- yes that little girl definitely had a very random comment.

Hope Keith is okay, never fun when they are sick. 2/3 of my kids talk non-stop all of the time.
Susan Anderson said…

How thoughtful of her to impart that piece of wisdom to a new friend...


PS. Hope Keith bounces back soon!
You take pictures everyday??

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