SuperHero To The Rescue

Friday night Keith and Faye were running around the background as Jeffrey and I put our dinner on the patio table.  At one point, Faye ran up, flexed her arms and said "I just saved the world!  I am a hero.  Can I have a bread stick now?"  Little did we know, that is the preferable pay for superheroes.

Sunday on the way to church my leg suddenly started hurting, like mad.

I looked down and saw a little red prick.  It stung.  I wondered if something was in my nylons.  A piece of glass perhaps?

We got there on time (which is a rareity, I assure you) and I sat down with the kids in a side pew.  Not 2 minutes later and Faye was throwing a tantrum.  Jeffrey hadn't come with us, so I told Keith firmly that he was not to move, I was going to take Faye out and be back in just a minute.  I used that as an excuse to go to the bathroom to remove my nylons and figure out what was going on with the pain in my leg.  Anytime my skirt rubbed against it, more pain. I washed the red welt (no idea what happened there!) and hurried back to find an empty pew.  I wanted to sink down and cry.  My day was not going well.  I grabbed my bag, knowing I had to get home and figure out how to fix my leg.  Clearly it was a bite or sting from some sort of bug, but I hadn't seen any bees flying around or spiders scuttling by.  I hurried out into the hall searching for my boy.  I found him at the end of the hall, peeking through doors.  Evidently he had left the chapel, looking for me, just to ask if he could play a game on my phone.

That boy.

We hurried out to the van, and rushed home.

I dropped my things on the floor as soon as we got home and nearly burst into tears.  It hurt so bad!

Jeffrey took the kids and put them in bed.  Then he brought me some water and baking soda.  I made a paste, and applied it to the bug bite.

Then I took some Benadryl and was knocked out rather quickly.  I felt horrible because that meant leaving my primary class without a teacher.  I sincerely feel awful about that.  Still.  I was sleeping soundly, when suddenly I woke up.  I have no idea why I woke up, I just did.  I woke up and there was a man looming over me.  Looming.  I opened my eyes and screamed.

And then my senses returned and I realized it was Jeffrey.  I sank back to my pillow and begged my heart to slow down.  Benadryl messes up my head.  A lot.

At that moment in time, I was grateful there is a superhero in the house.

If only we had more bread sticks.


Jenny said…
They are beyond adorable. I think it might be YOU that's the super hero! What energy and devotion you have my dear lady!
Emmy said…
Oh no! Did you ever figure out what did it? Is it okay now?
Lisa said…
Oh no!! Stupid bug bites!! Definitely needed the laugh over the man looming over you! I hate that feeling when you just wake up! :)
Susan Anderson said…
So what bit you??


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