Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Sprinkle Brings Heaven That Much Closer

I woke up this morning and noticed the sky outside was gray.  My heart sank.  Half of my state is on fire and has been for the past few weeks/months.  Since I live up near the mountains, I got up worrying my mountains were aflame.

But then, I went upstairs where I could see more than a small patch of sky, and my heart skipped a beat.

I love summer rain storms!  The air was thick with the promise of rain, and the smell outside was divine!  I promptly turned off the AC and opened all the windows and doors.  The stagnant smell of a place being closed up too long was pushed out as the fresh musty smell of life and summer and earth hurried to take its place.

Is there anything better than a summer drizzle?

Well, yes.  A summer drizzle enjoyed with a few slices of homemade bread, herbal chai tea, and fresh bread rising on the counter.

A summer drizzle accompanied by the sounds of two little darlings happily playing with each other.  Two little darlings who neither one is sick any longer and are enjoying one another's company.

Because this is what heaven is made of.

A happy family, beautiful sights, sounds, and smells.

How lucky am I to have heaven here on earth?

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