Stomping Rain

Yesterday we had a luscious rain.  It made the air muggy and humid and for some strange reason, I decided to straighten my hair.

It always seems I straighten my hair when there is rain.  It could be psychological, but I think it is actually Mother Nature.  She sees me straightening my hair, and decides to make it rain.  Something along those lines.  I have learned, when I want rain, I pull out my straightening gear (a brush and a curling iron.  Yes, a curling iron to straighten my curly hair.  I get the irony) and inevitably, I am graced with rain.  Like clockwork.

Faye wanted to play out in the rain.  She has always loved the rain splashing on her face, the puddles splashing up around her legs as she joyfully stomps.  A girl after my own heart.  I still go out of my way when I find a large puddle.  Some things just need to be splashed, regardless of age or decorum.

Keith thought she was crazy and went inside to play with legos as she stomped and danced and embraced the rain mist kisses on her face.

After a while, though, her squeals of joy and laughter enticed him and his resistance went down.  He soon joined her, except he took an umbrella with him.

 When they were thoroughly wet from the humidity and rain, it was lunch time.  They came in and we had cocoa.  

Well, they had cocoa.  I had Pumpkin spiced cider.

It was delicious.  They agreed.  The comfort and peace cocoa and rain combined bring is out of this world.


Susan Anderson said…
What beautiful photos...Kind of magical, actually.

And I love the idea of pumpkin spiced cider!

Xazmin said…
That WAS a glorious rain! Why don't you straighten your hair a few more times so we can get all these fires out?

It was great to meet you last night and your children are beautiful!
Familia Morales said…
Your kids are adorable! I love that Faye is out splashing. Hot cocoa sounds good, I just can't get myself to drink it when it's so hot outside--even with the rain. Drink a cup for me!
Em said…
faye is SO SO SO cute with that umbrella!!!!
Emmy said…
Love all those pictures!! So so funny. Oh and Faye's eyes- those are going to break a few boys hearts someday.

Playing in the rain really is such a magical fun thing for kids
Emmy said…
Oh and not sure if you want it to be or not but your email is not enabled-- so if you leave a comment on my blog I can no longer hit reply and email you back. So maybe when you switched that got changed somehow but you may want to fix it so people can email back :)

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