Monday, July 2, 2012

Pajama Spa Day

Today was a pajama day.

The whole live long day.

Keith was awake for only about 5 hours total the whole day.

And three of those five were after Jeffrey, his best friend in the world, came home.

Faye and I had a lot of time to play, and work on potty training.

I forgot she was wearing her undies and put her to bed.  She stayed dry the whole time!  Yay!

Honestly, I don't think she is going to be potty trained for a while yet, but we can work on it on the rare occasion we are home.

With Keith being sick, we had no where to go.

Faye and I wanted patriotic nails,

A luxurious spa day for the girls.

Patriotic nails to pass the time.

A cuddly cuddle day for Keith.

Sometimes you just need a day to slow down and take it all in.

I am hoping he does get better tomorrow, though.

A sick little guy is no fun.


Except when he cuddles.

I love his hot little body and whimpering sighs.  The tiny arms that wrap around my neck and the snuggles into my body just make me happy.

However, I am a horrible mother for having sick children.

As Keith's fever stayed consistently high, I turned to Google.  Because that is where we all go for information, but where we should never go for health information.  

Because those commercials for meningitis terrify me.  The empty desk, and the empty swing, and the music, and the voice over guy talking about how the child was fine, then got sick and the next day died.  Scary!

Thank heavens for my brother who can set me right.  I am no longer worried it is meningitis.  And with luck, Keith may be a bit better tomorrow!  As of ten mintues ago, his fever was down to 100.8!  Yay!
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