Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Weekend, and What We Did With It

Summer time is the season of Family reunions.  

Saturday we had our second of the season.  It was with my grandmother's family.  Which is great because I haven't seen that side of the family since I was a very little girl.

We drove over and through the mountain, listening to lovely folky music the whole way.  The kids are always mesmerized by the canyon.  As am I.  I hate driving through it since I can't enjoy the scenery.

We enjoyed an afternoon with family, learning all sorts of fun history.  For instance I have a great great grandpa who was an incredibly accomplished horseman.  He could ride on his head, and do a handstand while riding a horse!  Amazing.  My sister in law Aubree and I found some twigs and tried our hand at whittling/carving.  It was a lot of fun, though both of us cut our fingers.  Oops.  though I may have a new hobby now!

But the highlight of the trip was our trip to Taggart's.  It is little grill at the mouth of a canyon, with an exit all to itself.  Literally.  There are about 5 houses, and the amazing grill.  That is it.  Yet the grill is always full of people!  It is that good.

But we don't go for the food.  We go for the peacocks.  Generally we go in the fall, just so we have an excuse to drive through the canyon to see the beautiful colors.  The peacocks strut around as if they own the place, furling their gorgeous feathers, and getting comfortable on people's cars.  Sadly, we were disappointed by not seeing any this time around.  Faye was very mad and insisted we go somewhere to see lots of animals.  We were not allowed to sit outside because there were a lot of rattlesnakes in the area.  Lucky for the peacocks who love snakes, especially if they are poisonous.  Sad for us.

Remember how I mentioned Faye is my human alarm clock?  She comes into our room every morning and wakes me up.  Sunday morning she burst into the room with a bang and a squeal.

"Mommy, look what I can do!" 

She reached her arms up, raised her feet onto the tiptoes, and turned on my light.

She laughed, and asked

"Want me to turn on the other light?" and she did.

I groaned inwardly but squealed outwardly and gave her a huge hug and smile.  

The groan was because I know I will have to turn off lights a lot more often until the novelty wears off.  

And I was right!  On my way upstairs, I had to turn off every light.

My little girl is growing up!  She is so proud of herself. 

The kids had a lot of fun playing with their dad today.  They always do.  I once learned that a child's brain reacts differently when interacting with each parent.  With the mother it calms and soothes the brain.  The brain waves literally calm down.  With the dad, they are stimulated.  Which is probably why children prefer their mother when they don't feel well.

Unless their name is Keith.  He will always prefer his dad.  As the kids were getting ready for bed, Keith suddenly rushed into our bedroom.  He was wearing a sweatshirt and flannel pants and told me he was cold. I scooped him up, wrapped him in a blanket and held him while he shivered.  His forehead was a little warmer than normal, but not super hot.  I was surprised by how sudden his not feeling well had jumped on him.  Literally five minutes prior he had been wrestling with his Daddy.  We did our nightly routine and then tucked the kids in bed.  I climbed up onto Keith's bed, and began to look for a story to read to him.  Before I could, he was asleep.  Not soundly, but whimpering, and and uncomfortable, but asleep.  

A few hours later, he came into our room complaining of his back hurting.  We decided to take his temperature.  103.6.  After some tylenol, water and lots of cuddling, he decided his tummy wasn't up to the water, and relieved itself.  Sigh.  I hate when my boy gets the flu.

So, we played musical beds.  Keith is in Faye's bed, Faye is in my bed, and Jeffrey is in Faye's bed.

We didn't want the Human Alarm Clock to disturb Keith so we thought of putting him in here with me.  But she always comes into our room first thing in the morning, so that wouldn't work.  So we decided to put her in with me.  Then he is in Faye's bed as it is the bottom bunk and easier to get out of.  Jeffrey was displaced, but Keith insisted he sleep in his bed.  It should be an interesting night.  Hopefully the adults can get some sleep!  And Keith, too.  Faye, on the other hand is in complete heaven.  

*Pictures will be posted in the morning when I don't have to worry about waking a sleeping little girl to upload them.  If you read this before then, sorry for the lack of photos!  They are really cute, I promise.*


Susan Anderson said...

Hope Keith recovers soon. That sounds like some crazy sleeping arrangements!


Emmy said...

Oh no :( Hope Keith is better soon, poor thing. I did not know that peacocks eat snakes! Crazy!
And doing a handstand while riding a horse- that would have been a thing to see!