Sunday, July 15, 2012

Musings On A Gray Weekend

Oh goodness, this weekend was scrumptious.



Since I began blogging I have learned what a sap I am when it comes to the weather.

Funny, the things you learn about yourself from writing.

I have learned I really love and appreciate the weather.

Sunny?  Love it.

Rainy?  Perfect.

Snowy?  Idealistic.

Dreary?  Romantic.

There isn't a time of year I don't love.  

So it may be a bit redundant when I say that I really loved the weather this weekend.

It was a mix of sunny and cloudy.  The humidity was purifying.  And the cool breezes were entoxicating.

We decided to buy a patio dining set so we could enjoy the cool evenings.  The luscious mornings and the lazy afternoons.  Our meals will be picked at outside between watching the children scatter around the yard, laughing at butterflies and grasshoppers.  

Ah, summer!  And can you imagine the fall?  How glorious will that be with the ability to eat outside?  

I think my life is near complete...

Or will be once it arrives.  I am a little sad that we missed such divine weather this weekend for eating out of doors.  But there are sure to be more in store for us, and we can enjoy them in style!

Friday evening was heavy with humidity, the promise of rain, and that wonderful wind.

I think I figured out why I love wind so much.  It is the closest I will ever be to flying like a bird.  To feel the wind rush past my skin, tugging my hair behind me, brushing against my cheeks and making my eyes water.  The exhilaration and adrenaline are breathtaking.

As I saw the heavy clouds depressing the sky, I seized the moment.  I rushed down to my room, grabbed my favorite book (T.S. Eliot) and hurried outside to relish the moment.

Reading in the wind is divine.

It just so happened I opened up to a poem called "What The Thunder Said."  I had to grin at the appropriateness.

I sat out, reading, until great big rain drops began to spatter down, on me and the pages of my book.

Moment ruined?  Absolutely not.  Enhanced? Romantic?  To me, utterly and completely so.

Saturday was just as lovely.  The kids and I grabbed a pizza and took it to the park to play.

We didn't eat much of it.  How could we?  The wind and sand were calling us.  After a bit, we put the pizza away and spent the next hour or two playing in the sand. 

 I had to laugh.  Why on earth do we need a playground when there is all that sand there?  Because sand is all that preschoolers really need, right?

As it is, we can't wait for that patio furniture to be delivered.  There will be a feast that night!  It doesn't matter what is prepared for dinner, the fact that it will be eaten in the fresh air will make it feast enough!


Susan Anderson said...

I love the way you use life and circumstance to create a mood.


Emmy said...

Yea- we didn't like that wind so much on Friday. It blew the bounce house over three times while people were in it- it was scary and insane!

But yes, I do love how you find the good in so many things and just really love life