Make It Do

It was a miracle.

I couldn't believe it myself.

By 10:00 everything that had to be done today, was done.

Which meant I had tons of time to do the extras on my list!

I played with the kids a while, babied Jeffrey.

Oh, Jeffrey was sick today.

He had a horrific fever last night.

Hopefully I wont get it since it has passed through every other person of my family.

I put Jeffrey and the children down for their naps after lunch, and dusted off my sewing machine.

Faye has grown out of her onsies.  But I hate to throw them away.  And I hate to stick them in a box seeing as how we have so many boxes around here already and not much space.

So, I pulled out my other stash of clothes I couldn't use anymore but didn't want to throw away and improvised.

Faye now has a few new play dresses.

I am quite proud of my upcycling.

Grandma would be proud too.

She is the one who taught me to "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

Well, actually, my mother taught me that, and she learned it from Grandma. She said when Grandma was a girl, during the great depression, they had a little game to make people think they had more things than they actually did.

When a date or friend got to their house, they would purposefully not be ready.  They would shout down so they could be heard, "Should I wear my new dress, my blue dress, or the dress I recently had made?"  Little did the waiting person know, all three were the same.  Her mother would always answer "the blue dress."

Thankfully times aren't hard like that, and I am not making the dresses out of necessity, rather for the fun of it, and practice.

Besides, the pride I feel for having made it on my own is exponentially the best part of it all.

Well, mostly on my own.  My sweet mother in law gave me pointers on how to do it.  Especially since I had no pattern and was sort of making it up as I went.

I love it!

And so does Faye.

Really.  Don't believe the look of boredom and disinterest on her face.  She really does like it.

Sadly, she had gone to bed before I was able to finish her other play dresses.

I have made two, and now have four left.

They will be made out of an old pair of pajama pants, an old skirt, one of Jeffrey's work shirts, and whatever else I can find to make a cute skirt.

Can't wait until they are all done tomorrow!

Perfect way to spend time during this heatwave, wouldn't you say?


Familia Morales said…
That is so cute! It makes me wish I had a creative mind or a sewing talent.
Noodle said…
that is a cute idea... once my kids start potty training i hate onezies anyways this is a great way to make them useful again
Em said…
VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!! seriously, i'm impressed:)
Susan Anderson said…
Pretty neat idea.

And great pics, too!

Emmy said…
That is so cute!! I am totally impressed as I am not a sewer. Love what they used to call down, what a fun story and history to know.

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