Lavender Bliss and Cowboy Boots

Faye seems to have a problem with itchy skin.
One of her most common phrases is "Itchy!  Itchy." whereupon she will lift her shirt and bend over revealing her back to be itched.  Or her stomach.  Or arm.  Today it was her finger that itched so much.

We were at my mother's for dinner because my sister was in town.  While there, Faye removed her shirt and exclaimed she was itchy.

My sister suggested an oatmeal and lavender bath.  My parents had everything necessary, so we gave them a lavender bath.  I filled the tub with steamy warm water, two cups more or less of oatmeal, and a bunch of fresh lavender.  I love that my parents grow such wonderful herbs in their yard for decoration.  The bathroom smelled heavenly.  Absolutely lovely and calming.  

It was so nice to dip my hands into the water and scoop out a handful of oatmeal to rub onto their bodies.  It felt so silky and soft.  I was a little jealous.  Someday, I am going to make an oatmeal lavender tea bath for myself.  

The children ran around playing.  When it was finally time to go, I asked Keith to get his shoes.  He was warned to be careful of the chicken leavings in the backyard as he went out to get the flip flops. 
And so, Keith found a clever way to miss the gifts of our feathered friends.  We all laughed at the ingenious idea he came up with.  Silly boy.


Familia Morales said…
Keith's a smart little guy. And that bath sounds delightful!
Jenny said…
Gosh, I remember my kids always been itchy. Oatmeals baths were wonderful. So is Johnson's oatmeal baby lotion!
Emmy said…
Oh that bath does sound nice! Does it help with her itchiness? Alex is always itchy too-- though lately it seems to be a lot better for who knows what reason
Lisa said…
Cute cute! Did the oatmeal bath help Faye? Kirk is ALWAYS complaining he is itchy. I read somewhere that it has to do with how smart he is - he is super hyper sensitive to touch. It's no fun!
Susan Anderson said…
Funny pic of Keith!

When I itch, which is often, I use Aveeno lotion with calomine in it. Wonderful stuff, and does not leave that chalky look like pure calomine does.


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