Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedded Bliss

Friday, the first of June, was the reason I am a stay at home mom.

I woke up late.  I had had a bad night with not a lot of sleep.

Faye eventually came running into the room, hug jumped me and said "I awake, Mommy!"

Keith walked in after her, all smiles and excitement for the day.

I tousled Faye's halo of hair and asked the kids what they would like to do for the day.

"I dunno," the classic answer.

I asked if they would like to go to the nature center and see some animals.  

At the mention of animals, Faye was eager to leave that moment.

We got our things together, then stopped by the store.  Our pallets were in the mood for French.
Laden with lunch, sunscreen and water, we set off on our adventure.

It was lovely.  The colors were delicious and the excitement of discovery was intoxicating.

We ate our lunch behind a bird blind (that is a place which hides you from the animals so you can watch them.) and then explored.  
We found a delicious place I would have loved to make as a club house when I was a child.  It was a little enclosure beneath tree branches and roots.  
A leafy green cave.  
There were bridges over fish infested streams.  Wildflowers surprising us all along the paths.  
Birds of all kinds.  A tortoise.  A tarantula named Rosie.  And an empty cage which once housed a beautiful owl.  Sadly, the owl died in March.  Because of that, Faye was very distraught.  The whole weekend she constantly asked about the owl.  "Why did the owl die?  What happened to the owl?  Where is the owl, Mommy?" 

Their favorite part, though, was the Turkey.  There were two of them, but one followed us around, his tail feathers spread behind him, cockily owning the grounds around the activity center.  When we got too near, it made a sound that was similar to a cats purr, but I imagine it was a warning growl.  The turkey gobbled at us and sent the children into peals of laughter.  They loved that old turkey.

Once we were all satisfactorily exhausted and full to the brim from the intoxicating smells and sights, we plopped back into the van for our journey home.  We had to hurry, for I had lost track of time and we were running a bit late.  That night was going to be a big deal.

We were to go to a wedding reception.

More specifically my brother's reception.  My brother and his gorgeous fiance were getting married on Saturday and as a courtesy to all their friends in my town, a reception was held here, and one in her home town the next day after the actual marriage.  

The reception was held in a church more than 100 years old and it was exquisite.

The decor Aubree (my new sister in law) used was incredible.  I would love to have it all in my house.  Everything was very vintage.  There were post cards next to a blue green type writer that I desperately wanted to steal.  That girl really has style.  People signing the wedding book could type (or write) a message to the newlyweds.  My favorite part is all the decor used for her receptions came from her own collection.  I need to go antiquing with her.  Can't wait for that opportunity!

We got home very late.  

I changed into very comfortable clothes, left Jeffrey to put the kids to bed, and rushed out the door to meet my siblings (minus the bridegroom, of course) at Chili's.  We laughed and reminisced until the lights were turned off.  It was fabulous!  Shameful that I only see all my siblings together for weddings or funerals.  Sigh.

But then, I had to hurry to bed.  So I could start all over the next day.

Friday had been a busy day.

Saturday was busier.

We got up, drove up to beautiful Cache Valley, and my sister and nieces watched my children while Jeffrey and I went into the temple and witnessed the sacred union of Lane and Aubree.  It was magnificent to be there in the Temple of the Lord with my family.  All but one of my siblings was in the Temple with us.  My sister was a saint to watch all the kids for us while we were there.  So beautiful.

Then there were pictures, ice cream from La Beau's (they have the most divine ice cream shakes ev-uh!) and it was time for the luncheon.

I know I am rushing through all this, but so much happened, and it would be impossible to recreate the majesty of that weekend.

We headed to the luncheon a little early, and it is a good thing, too.  The best book store I have ever encountered, which was right next to the restaurant, sucked us all in. I could not believe the magnitude of books.

 There were so many there were not shelves enough to hold them all.  The store was huge.

It would have been easy to get lost there.  Many closets, turns, nooks and crannies bursting with delicious words.  Stories.  Information.

We eventually had to tear ourselves away.  As it was, we were late for the luncheon.

It was the same place Jeffrey and I had ours when we got married.  Though I don't remember much about our luncheon.  The food was delicious, though.  And the stories that were told were funny, and embarrassing, and heart warming.  I am so very happy that my brother found a girl as amazing as Aubree, and that she is so perfect for him.  

Unfortunately, we were forced to leave early.  Faye and Keith were both exhausted.  Not to mention Jeffrey and myself.  Faye was nearly sleeping in her chair, slowly poking her finger in her mashed potatoes and licking it off, slouched over at an odd angle with her head drooping down half on the table, half on her chest.  Keith was also slouched over in the same position, busily poking his finger in a roll, but not eating and not paying attention to anything.

We gathered the kids up, got in the van, and drove around, hoping the lull of the wheels on pavement would help them sleep.  I headed to the Gosner Factory in order to buy squeaky cheese.  

A childhood tradition for my family.  Every time someone passed through Logan a stop was a necessity.  A stop to stock up on the cheese that squeaks when you chew it.  But only when it is warm.  Put it in the fridge and the squeakiness goes away until warms up again.  I think officially it is called cheese curds.  But we will always call it squeaky cheese.  Because some things just need to be known for their attributes and not for what they actually are.

The kids slept.

I drooled at the gorgeous houses.

I would love to live there one day.

We arrived at the factory and four grisly men were standing around outside.  Big fluffy beards, leaning against bikes.  Leather vests over dirty white t-shirts and holey jeans seemed to be the uniform for loitering.  The best part of these rough looking characters?  They were all holding ice cream cones which were dripping.  And they had huge smiles.  And a bag of squeaky cheese each.

I got my cheese and away we went.  I found a shady park and parked the car.  Luckily we had removed the middle seat from the van so I was able to pull Faye out and lay her on the floor.  Her head had been jerking around in her car seat as it dropped forward and pulled it back.  I leaned Keith's seat back and let them all sleep.  All meaning Jeffrey as well.  I read.

An hour and a half later it was time for the last reception.  Which was just as beautiful as the one the night before.
The whole weekend was magical and beautiful.  It was so lovely to be back in Logan.  That is where Jeffrey and I were married.  The memory of our own wedding swam before my eyes that weekend.  Deepening the feelings we have fore each other.  

This past week we have had to recuperate.  Detox from so much going on.  But all in all, it was absolutely perfect, and I am so excited to have a new sister!  I am also relieved to have everything over and done with. Bring on the laziness of summer!


Em said...

love that they are all sleeping in the van. i covet that bookstore. my favorite place to be on the planet...almost. that house is amazing. love how grandiose it is.

Susan Anderson said...

Wow! What a great post!!

And all of it sounds idyllic...


Lisa said...

I LOVE your post! You are gorgeous! And what fun pictures! Congrats to your brother.

Emmy said...

Sounds like a perfect wedding weekend! And her reception sounds truly amazing!!