My Night of Super Powers

Thursday was like any other day in the fact it sort of bleeds from Tuesday into Wednesday, into Thursday.  Since I don't have a lot of time (it seems) to blog anymore, I have a much harder time keeping track of the days and what happens.

Which is very sad because I do remember many times during the week smiling from something my children did or said, and making a mental note to write it down, or blog about it.  Clearly my mental notebook got lost as I do not remember a single thing I had promised myself I would record.

Thursday is a day that is difficult for me to forget, though.  From what I can recollect, the day was normal enough.  We played.  We visited my grandparents, we played some more.  We put the kids to bed.

The usual.

But them bedtime came for me.

And a great sense of responsibility took over.  My mind raced through all the things I needed to do.  All the things I hadn't yet done.  The people I was letting down by not accomplishing the things I had said I would do.  I thought of all the things I would need to do the next day.  As I thought about that,
I remember laying in my bed, wishing I had my bed that is in storage.  It isn't any bigger, sadly, but it is much softer.  I tossed.  I stretched.  I rolled over.  And back again.  Several times.  I looked at the clock.  It was after 2.

I rolled over some more until Jeffrey finally asked me to leave the room as I was keeping him awake as well.

There was just too much left undone.  And I am not a person who does well with loose ends.  Ask anyone who has seen a movie with me which has an ending that is not gift wrapped with a bow.  I hem and haw over it for months,  I never like those movies.  Ever.  Loose ends and I do not mix well.

And my head was full of loose ends!

I left the bedroom and went into the bathroom.

The bathroom being one of my loose ends.

I cleaned and mopped the bathroom, then the hallway, then the famlily room.  I then moved onto the laundry.  I washed and folded everything as Friday is laundry day.  I figured this way I would have more time to spend with the kids the following day.  I folded it all, organized and stacked it into baskets and sneaked those into the rooms they belonged in, promising myself it would be put away in the morning.

I checked my clock.

5:00 am.

I thought about going to the kick boxing class at my gym but decided against it as I just wanted to be tired enough to go to sleep and that would certainly wake me up.  Instead I decided to work on an art project.

I still had an hour before the house alarm would rise (Faye), so I figured I may as well get ready for the day. I so wished I had gone to the gym by now as I knew there was no hope for me finding any time to sleep once the kids got up.

Like Old Faithful, Faye woke up at 7:00, and woke up the house with her.  I made breakfast and the day began.

I marveled over everything I had accomplished in the night.  I marveled over my ability to function still, with no sleep in 24 hours.

Friday was a good day.  It was a lazy day, but a good day.

We watched more movies than is healthy.  I desperately tried to sleep.  I think I got a 10 minute nap once.  I am not sure.

Looking back on that day, though, the thing that stands out to me the most is the fact that I got as much done in 4 hours as it usually takes me all day to accomplish!  If I am lucky.

When it was time to sleep last night, believe it or not, I still was not tired.  I was still running on nervous energy.  Jeffrey and I watched a movie and snuggled and when it was over, I still was not tired.

I came to the conclusion that my body had achieved the much coveted state of no longer needing sleep!

The thought of being able to spend the whole day playing with the kids and the night time cleaning and crafting and having me time was intoxicating.

Sadly it only lasted twenty more minutes.

That is when I am guessing I slipped into an unconscious state and slept until 9 the next morning.  My human alarm clock was kind to me today.

But now, as it is approaching nine, I am exhausted and ready to sleep.

What happened to my newly found super power?

Quite honestly, though, I am glad it is gone.  Sleep is such a dear friend, and I have the most entertaining dreams every night anyway.  Why would I want to miss that?!


Familia Morales said…
Wow! Amazing what you can get done when the house is asleep. I'm glad you returned to sleeping though--it's such a nice, needed friend.
I just feel so lazy lately. I like reading this and feeling like I need to be better. Just reading of all you've done exhausts me!! Sometimes I have so much to do I ignore things and it gets crazy. I think of when I was single and how I kept such a tidy and nice home and things were quiet and nice and now I clean after 3 people! Two kids and one big man child going to school and trying to develop a still small business is demanding as well. But we do the best that we can. I def feel for you with being with your inlaws. That pressure to clean and help out when if it were your own home and didn't want to clean up a mess oh well. Things will get better. Ill be hoping you can move out soon. I also liked your art project. Good job with hardly any sleep.
Jenny said…
Oh girl. I think you need a vacation! All alone!

I remember those wee hour of the morning cleaning sessions! It is shocking how much you can get done, isn't it?

Take care of yourself, okay? I think you are so neat!
Emmy said…
Girl you need to just write things down-- including the cleaning and stuff you want to do; then when it is time to sleep just let it all go and sleep.
If I don't write it down- I forget
Susan Anderson said…
And besides, you NEED the sleep. Pulling all-nighters is super hard on the body.

I can imagine how much you managed to get done with no kids to watch, though!


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