Dating Marathon Weekend

Dating your spouse is important or so I am told.

Sometimes things get a little crazy so it isn't easy.  Sometimes a couple of months go by with no date.  That is just life.  And then sometimes, if you are very lucky, you get a whole weekend that feels like a non-stop date.

That is how last weekend went for us.

Thursday, Jeffrey and I decided to go out.  It had been a while.  The best part about it, though, is it was his idea.  We got the kids to bed and then got in the car to drive.  We weren't sure where we would be going or what we would be doing, we were just happy to be out together.  We ended up at Ross, looking for some shoes for Faye.  Of course, we got to browsing, and I found 2 shirts I had seen a couple of months ago and have been searching for them ever since.  I was very happy to find them.  Then we went to Denny's and talked about ghost stories.  It was a lot of fun.  In retrospect, it seems like a lame date.  But I love being with Jeffrey so much, it didn't matter.  It never does.  What we do is just frosting.  The time spent together, focusing on each other is my favorite part.

Friday, Jeffrey's parents went camping so we had the house to our little family for the weekend.  It was very nice.  Of course, we had to throw a party though, right?  I felt so teen.  Parents are gone, quick, through a party!  Though our parties are not at all like a teen's party.  We had some friends come over for dinner and games.  Real wild, let me tell you.  Then we talked for a long while.  Mainly about music, but touching on a few other things.  My friend mentioned T.S. Eliot in passing.  I realized I had never read anything about him, and was slightly embarrassed.  I learned about a few new bands which is happy because I am needing new music.  However, I really lean towards the more folky/indie/obscure music whereas he is fundamentally a folky/indie guy but leans more to the faster less mellow though still obscure/folkish.  Which leads to interesting conversations, I must say.

Saturday I got up early and went to a yoga class.  I love yoga.  Something about stretching your muscles until you are dripping sweat that just feels so good.  I learned there that I am incredibly tense.  No idea why. Even the instructor tried to help my muscles relax, but they would not.  They seem to have a mind of their own.  My shoulders hovered around my ears all weekend.  They still are a little bit, but not as bad today.  My back was tensed into a bit of an arch and every muscle in my body was tight like a disco dancer's pants.   It was not a fun feeling.  I did get home, feeling very good about my workout, though, and decided to try on my wedding dress again.  I have not fit into it since I got married.  I got pregnant with Keith immediately after and it took me a long time to lose all that baby fat.

Best feeling ever, it fit!  I am back into my wedding dress!  We can get pictures now.  We never did when we got married because it was -6 outside.  That is way too cold.  We always said we would go back and get pictures at the temple, we just never could because I didn't fit into my dress.  Then.  I do now!

With elated spirits (I am still riding on that hight!) painful muscles, Jeffrey and I decided to take the kids to the park.  Library first, park second.  That is how it always goes.  Get some good books for Mommy to read while watching children jump around like monkeys on the playground.  Then we went to Barnes and Noble. Another place we love.  I grabbed a comic book and sat down by the train table as Keith played and Faye wandered, found a book she liked, sat down by me to look at the pictures, put it back, rinse and repeat.  Then they got to go to my parent's house and our date began.

Yes, another date.  Two in one week is a new record for us, but who's counting?  I certainly am not complaining!

First we went to Nicklecade.  That is heaven for Jeffrey.  I hate video games.  Really, I do.  But I try to be supportive and do things he likes once in a while.  He was like a little kid in a ... well, in an arcade!  He had so much fun showing me all the games he used to play as a kid, and I tried to imitate the girls in the movies who hang around the guys playing arcades, oohing and aahing over the many aliens defeated or something like that.  But I didn't have any gum.  Or a soda.  I improvised.  Some of the games were fun, but after a while it was very old so we moved on to something new.

Old Navy for a shirt for Jeffrey.  They have such a great clearance section.  It always makes me happy when I find good deals there.  I got some clothes for the gym, which is wonderful because I was needing some new ones.  And then, on to the hardware store.

Yes, for fun we go to the hardware store.  Not because we need anything, but because we both like those stores.  We both love power tools and the many things that can be built with them all.  We looked at chainsaws and appliances.  We made fun of some horrible designs and then realized we needed to get the kids and scoot.

Eventually Jeffrey and I would like to see The Avengers, but first we need to see all the other shows.  When the kids were in bed, we pulled out some videos we had rented (how is blockbuster still in business?  They only do one day rentals.  How has Netflix and RedBox not shoved them out of the market?  How?).  Captain America, Thor and The Hulk.  Captain America is by far my favorite of the three movies.  Super Hero movies are a lot of fun to mock, and I love mocking things, so it was a great night.  Although, we fell asleep halfway through Thor.

It seems Jeffrey and I are spending more and more time together.  I love that.  I imagine it is normal and typical for most couples.  He has been in school full time and working full time nearly the whole time we have been married, so we don't get to see a lot of each other.  When we can have a marathon date weekend like that, though, it is nice to be reminded why and how we fell in love, and to do it all over again, and again, and again!  It makes me long for the time when he is through with school.  To have a husband who is there all the time would be amazing.

One day soon he will be (I hope and pray), and then every day can be like last weekend.



Jenny said…
Wow! Congrats on getting back in your wedding dress! I'm glad you're getting more time together. And I'm glad you had the house to crazy kids!
Susan Anderson said…
I'm impressed that you got that wedding dress back on after two kids. Good for you, Amy!

Lisa said…
What a FUN weekend!!! I love it!
Emmy said…
Oh you may have to rewatch Thor as that is the most relevant to a lot of the plot in Avengers.

And seriously so awesome that you have had so many dates- they all sound wonderful!

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