Unsinkable Me

It seems the harder I try, the more opposition is out to see me fail.

Yet somehow, I manage to come up triumphant. 

Unsinkable, that's me.

Last night I went to bed so early, determined to get up in time for the gym.  It has been far too long since I went.  I miss it.  I am getting grumpy again. 

The windows were open with a glorious breeze wafting around my nose sweetening my dreams.  I cozied up under my blankets happily dreaming about a house of my own.  Yes, those are the dreams I frequent the most.

And then a cough, and a cry.  I stumbled out of bed, reliving a night that happens far too frequently.  Faye was crying and a hug from her Mommy would just make her happy again, and content enough to sleep.

I sat down on her bed, gave her a hug and felt something squishy.

Faye was sick.
I stripped her down, took her into the bathroom to wash off, and she and I pounced on Jeffrey.

We have a deal, see.  I clean up everything else.  He cleans up the sick.

Unless it is 2 in the morning.  Then he pretends to not know anything about our deal.  

He is not a good losing sleep kind of person.

He did eventually get up, grumbling and helped me clean up her bed, get new sheets and put her back in bed.

Ten minutes later we had a repeat.

Twenty minutes after that another.

I felt like I was living in Groundhogs Day.

We eventually decided to put her in our room on the floor.
Which meant not getting up at 5 as I had planned.  Seeing as how getting up would wake up the sick girl, possibly resulting in cleaning up more sick.  I was not prepared to deal with that.  And it would not be fair to her.

Today was spent cuddling, doing Jeffrey's cleaning job, and laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.

When Faye finally did go to sleep, I decided to clean out the van, as she had left a present there as well.

And then, not going to the gym this morning was rewarded.

The heat, some sweet music, and the complete clean out of the van has resulted in sore abs and back.  Glorious!  Love that feeling.  Love the ability to find ways to incorporate exercise into my daily routine.

Unsinkable is what I say. 


Susan Anderson said…
Time to christen a throw-up bowl and teach her to use it!

Mine got very good at keeping it in the bowl...

Lisa said…
You are amazing!!! What could have very well been a whiny day turned into a beautiful day! You are my hero!
PS - I miss your face! We so need to play! When are you out of school???
Emmy said…
You really are unsinkable as you always find the good in even the worst of days. You are inspirational
Em said…
max was sick all last week. horrid.

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