Mother's Week

Today as I was tucking my kids in for their naps, Keith and I had a lovely conversation.

"Mom, is today still Mother's Day?"

I looked up to see dirty little feet climbing the ladder and disappearing over the side of his bed.

"No, sweetie.  Mother's Day is only one Sunday a year." I told him.  I was busy changing a diaper, so was not paying close attention to him.

"Awww!" he moaned, "that isn't fair."

I smiled at his disappointment, reveling in the fact that most mothers would agree with his sentiment.

I had finished with the diaper and was tucking Faye into her bed.  Out loud I wondered why it wasn't fair.

I heard a noise and looked up to see his sweet big cheeks peeking at me upside down with his head hanging over his bunk.

"Because it should be a whole week.  And because I was going to buy you a new dress.  A Sunday dress.  With lots and lots of jewels on it.  But now I can't.  I should tell Daddy to buy you one, but he will say no because Mother's Day is over.  That's why its not fair."

I smiled a huge smile.  How could you not with love like that?

"Darling boy, you are the greatest jewel anyone could ever give me." I told him.

He looked at me like I had lost my mind.  His look seemed to say "Would you like a little cracker to go with that cheese?"

I laughed, kissed Faye, climbed the ladder and tucked Keith into his bed with a squeeze of his shoulder and a peck on his delicious cheek.  As I walked out the room, I warned them the nap fairy would not leave a treat under their pillows if either of them got up or played in their beds and then I quietly closed their door.

As I tiptoed around the family room cleaning up from the Cousin Tornado that hits every time 3 or more kids play in the family room I thought about Keith and his sweetness.

Sunday was nice enough.  I was given so many hugs and loves.  Jeffrey gave me a beautiful bakers rack that I had been drooling over at a thrift store.  Used is nearly always better than new.  It works just as well, has more character and is tons cheaper!  A little paint will make it look brand new, and I absolutely adore it.

The kids gave me several messes to clean up, as they are apt to do.  Never on purpose, but I usually don't mind, and Sunday was no exception.  I didn't mind.

When I tucked them in bed, Keith was very upset because he hadn't gotten me a gift yet.  Or so he thought.

In reality, he had given me the best gift of all.

While at church, he curled up and fell asleep on my lap.  The boy has not slept in my arms for so long, and never at church.  Once he hit about 7 months old, he would not sleep at church.  It drove me crazy! We tried everything to no avail.  Church became a dread because no matter where we moved, it was always during nap time which equated a grumpy child.  Yet for some unknown reason the boy laid his head on my lap, sighed a deep contented sigh, and closed his eyes.  We sent Faye to sit with her grandparents because she kept trying to climb up into my lap which would result in stepping on Keith's head.

He slept for all of Sacrament meeting and it was glorious.  The best gift of Mother's day, hands down.

When he woke up, I told him it was the best gift and he rolled his eyes.

"That isn't a present, Mom!" he said in his all knowing voice.  "A present is something pretty and sparkly and comes wrapped up in a box." he explained.  His head was cocked to the side and his hands were spread in front of him as he emphasized his words.  I gave him a kiss, gathered our things and we headed off to class.

Mother's Day would be lovely to be all week.  Especially for me.  Because my Keith is so loving and wonderful, he would make every single day of that week special.  Actually, he does that already, nearly every single day of the year.  With him, every day, week, month, and year is a celebration of Motherhood.


I sure do love that boy.


Susan Anderson said…
Such a sweet story, Amy. Thanks for telling us.

I got such a slew of drawings and paintings this past Sunday. I never want a present, I just want to enjoy a day with my kids and husband. With a busy ballet recital weekend always falling on Mother's Day, Saturday was our day. Hotdog Man for lunch, the local Agway, and planting in the yard. Oh, and the Ice Cream man.
Em said…
i am so impressed that keith still naps. you are SO LUCKY!!! so cute that he fell asleep on you at church. brennan has fallen asleep on us once in his life when he was about 1, but that's it.
Emmy said…
Awe that would be a present! Love how he rolls his eyes and thinks he is so wise and all knowing now. Kids are great
Myya said…
Kids are such a great gift. I sure love the way you tell a story :)
Lisa said…
What a story. I love your little Keith. And Faye too.
Waseem said…
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