Good Friday

Last Friday the kids and I went to the library.  Our favorite librarian is leaving, he informed us.

We loved him.  He played with Keith.  He humored him. He always showed him new books which excited his curiosity.

As we were leaving with our mother lode Keith pointed to the tire of my car.

"What happened to your tire, Mom?"

I looked down and saw it flat.

Completely flat.

I cancelled my grocery store plans and instead drove to a tire fix it place.

The kids were in heaven.  While they took the tires off my van, we found the puncture.

Guess what gave me a flat?

A little piece of wood.

Yup, a tiny soft piece of wood.  The worker man who looked just like George Clooney pulled it out and I was astonished to feel how flimsy and soft it was.  George Clooney told me that if you drive over it at just the right angle/way then it is possible to give a big ole tire like mine a flat.


But it was a good thing, anyway.  My tires had no tread on them.  They were suffering from dry rot, too.  So  in a way, driving over that little tiny piece of wood was a tender mercy.  A bit of a miracle, actually.

While they changed the tires- lickity split fast- before I even finished signing the papers the tires were mounted and ready to go.

Meanwhile the kids were completely happy.  There was a popcorn machine, cartoons, and big comfy chairs to sit in.

The kids were completely happy, and I received a tender life saving mercy.

On the way home, we saw a glorious merry go round.  From the back seat two little heads began bouncing in their seats.

"Please?!" they begged in unison.

How on earth could I say no?  Especially with how well they behaved at the tire shop.

I pulled into the parking lot.  They were ecstatic.

When all was said and done, Friday was a good day.


Emmy said…
Where you able to drive without having to put on the spare? If so that really is lucky. So nice they were able to get it changed so quickly.

And how weird that a little piece of wood did that
Susan Anderson said…
Indeed it was.
And now you have safe tires.

Lisa said…
Glad you went to the good tire store... :) I love those little joyous moments of abandon! :)
Lourie said…
Okay I have picked up a screw, a SPARK PLUG and just gone plain flat but not once has my guy looked like GEORGE CLOONEY! Lucky girl! Glad it all worked out, that you were safe, and best of all your kids were so good for you!
I so wish that I could meet you in person. I love what you share about your kids, you, your family. You are so "good" for me!

Place these memories in your "ordinary day" file. ;)

Em said…
nothing like a little excitement:)

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