Princess Tools

"Mommy, I a Princess, Keith a knight, and you a toad."

"I a princess, Keith a knight, you a sock."

"I a princess, Keith a knight, you a princess."

I hear a rendition of this declaration in one form or another every day.

And that sentence was a bit redundant.

As can be seen, though, she is a bit fixated on princesses.  As is just about every girl her age.


However, Thursday night I learned how to take that passion and use it to my advantage.

I bought my girl a singing princess potty.

Yes, a singing potty.  A princess one.

It has made all the difference.

Friday she spent three fourths of the day sitting on her potty.

She snuck (sneaked?) out of her bed during nap time so she could sit on her potty some more.

Not that I mind, though.

We have only had two or three wet diapers since the introduction of the magical potty.

I love that potty.  Have I mentioned that?

And honestly, if I had a singing potty I might act the same way.  Of course since bathroom time is (sometimes) the only alone time I get while the kids are up, my potty would probably be saying things like "What are you doing, homesteading?" or "Writing a book up there?  What is taking so long?"  Faye's plays a princess anthem and then says "Yay!  Good job!"  I like hers better.

If things continue like this, she will be potty trained in no time.

Dreamy and a half is what I say.

I guess one just needs to find the proper tools, and then potty training is a cinch.
Did I just curse myself?  I certainly hope not.


Familia Morales said…
Awesome! I hope she keeps it up for you!
Susan Anderson said…
My daughter was trained on a musical potty, too. It worked!

Jenny said…
What a cute post. I'm still giggling at 'you a sock'!

Thanks for the smile!

Potty on!
Good luck! Here's to an end of diapers...?
at least for a little while... ;)
Emmy said…
Oh fingers crossed! And yes if a singing potty was all it took them so so worth it.
Em said…
i must say, i can't wait for max to be potty trained...i just don't want to do the training!
Lisa said…
WAHOO!!!! :) Hope all is still going well!!

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