"Potty Training Girls Is Easy"

Once upon a time I was trying to get Keith potty trained.

I got a lot of sympathy from other mothers.  Most of them told me boys are a lot harder to train than girls.  Girls are so easy to potty train.  Just wait until Faye is older and you will see, they all told me.

I wasn't very diligent with Keith, but he seemed to be progressing slowly but surely.

Then one day he went to his friend's house to play.  His friend needed to use the potty and asked if Keith would like to watch

** three year olds are great that way **

Keith of course said yes, and came home potty trained.  He never had an accident or any problems after that.  I guess he just needed to see someone his size actually use the potty.  It was cake!  

Faye is now older and I do see.

I see that they were full of lies.  All of them.

Or else they had very obedient non strong willed children.

Currently I am trying to potty train Faye.
Not easy.

Not in the least bit.

By the end of the day, we generally go through her whole supply of undies.

I have tried "The princess will be sad if you pee on her.  She likes to stay clean and pretty so don't go peepee on the princess."  only to have Faye run up to me half an hour later and say 

"Mommy, the princess is sad.  She is so sad, Mommy."

"Why, Faye?"

"Because she got peepee all over her."


I have tried bribing her.

I have tried potty treats.

Nothing has worked yet.

And so, I have declared this week Naked Bum Week.
Faye only gets some sort of bum covering when we have to go out on the town.  

Most likely it will be a diaper.  I attempted undies today.  They were her rose petal pink ones, and she was so excited to wear them.  She informed me that we can't pee on the pink undies.  The pink ones are special. I smiled and hoped it had finally sunk in.  We left to pick up Keith from preschool.  She had gone to the bathroom right before we left, so I didn't think there would be a problem.

But there is something about that school that always makes Faye smelly, and this time was no exception.
Fifteen minutes after we got there (I had a meeting I needed to go to so we would be there a while) Faye ran in to the meeting room looking for me.  She had a surprised look on her face.


We rushed to the princess potty (I call it the princess potty simply because it is a little kid toilet.  I explained to her that it was made special for her), only to discover I was too late.  She had relieved herself in those pretty pink undies.  Training from when I was little and my little brother or sister was a baby in cloth diapers kicked in.  I had been an expert at cleaning those things out.  Faye's undies were no different.  In fact, I suspect they were made out of the same material.  Not a pleasant thing to do, cleaning out diapers/undies.  

After a thorough had washing, I put her in a diaper and went back to my meeting with the lesson well learned.  No undies on outings.

Or when she is sleeping.  

Outings and sleep.  Those are the only two acceptable times for her to cover up, otherwise, she gets to feel the breeze where people rarely get to feel the breeze.

I am optimistic that I will not have to buy any more diapers for her.  Mainly because of my stubbornness.  It is warm enough for her to go around bare bottomed.  She needs to learn to use the potty.  She WILL learn how to use the potty even if she has to go around half naked this whole summer.  
As they say
Mommy always wins, and we lived happily ever after.

The end.

P.S.  I have been trying to get a good photo of the hair.  I seem to forget about it when my hair actually looks good. On frizzy days, oh yes, of course I remember!  So, I finally decided to post a frizzy no make up photo.  And lets be honest here, this is what I normally look like anyway.  I might as well embrace it, right? 
 I will try again the next time I straighten it.  The color shows more then anyway.


Familia Morales said…
Oh I wish I had your determination when it comes to potty-training! In my mind, it doesn't matter if you're training a boy or girl-it is tough! My youngest turns 3 next month and we have yet to conquer the toilet. I'm not even trying. I decided she'll just do it on her own when she's ready. A mother can only dream...

I wish you the best of luck!
*Jess* said…
I tried to potty train my oldest daughter during the summer using the bare bottom method. She had just turned two. It was a miserable failure! You know when she potty trained? The week before Halloween when we bought a big bag of starburst to hand out to trick or treaters. She said, "If I pee on the potty, can I have a piece of candy?" And bam. She was done.

My son was hard! He has autism, though, so it was particularly difficult.
Emmy said…
Well once the princess decides she wants to then she will- but until then good luck ;). Your hair is beautiful! I rarely do makeup during the week- always on Sundays though.
Susan Anderson said…
I think your hair is GREAT.


PS. And good luck with the potty training!
Tawni said…
I think you look great without makeup! Good luck with potty training. I was hoping to be in our own house before we started with Gage, but we might have to just bite the bullet.
Lisa said…
Hahaha. Yep - girls SUCK at potty training. Kirk trained himself. Sara - we fought for months and months. It was ridiculous. I hope it works well for you! And I think you are beautiful! :)
Chantel said…
I have never been more frustrated as a mother than when I was potty training Alicey. I was determined that she be trained by 2. We had one very miserable year, that year she was 2. I read and tried every method known to man, including the bare bottom one. They all ended the same, with pee on the floor and me in tears. Just after her 3rd b-day, she decided SHE was ready to potty train. That made all the difference. She was trained in a day and never looked back. With Avy, I wasn't even going to try until she was 3 and just after her 2nd b-day, she trained herself. I couldn't believe it. It was so easy. I would not be so hard on yourself, or Faye. It is more the norm now that kids are trained by three, not two as our mothers would tell us we were. Really, you can't train her. It's something she needs to do. If she's not ready yet, I wouldn't push it. It will just be more frustrating for the both you. She'll get there.
Lourie said…
Diapers and potty training, probably two of the most dreaded things of mother hood! Maybe. And I am sorry potty training has no bias. The kid does it on his or her own time. She will get it. She will. Hang in there! :)
I used to make my son run around naked. I had a way hard time with trying to potty train him!
I hope it gets easier for you.
On the plus side..your hair looks GREAT!!
Mare said…
I PROMISE - before she starts dating, she WILL be potty trained! It took us FOREVER with one of our daughters...F O R E V E R. Love your hair!

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