Potential And Possibilities

Today is a bleary day.

It has been a very long day, and a very bleary day.

All because I woke up at eight this morning.

But that was not the problem, really.  The problem was not what time I woke up, rather what time I finally fell asleep.

I mean we went to bed at ten last night.

You would think that was early enough.

But it wasn't.  It never is.

Not when the mind is reeling with excitement and possibilities.  When plans are being concocted and hatched there is never enough time.

From all of my thinking and planning, I desperately tried to fall asleep for many hours.

I read a little.  Two hours is a little when compared to nine hours of dark eyes and brilliant thoughts.

Tossing and turning, cold snuffling nose blowing, mind racing, head aching, longing for sleep.

That was my night.

Finally, just as dawn dappled the dark sky, my eyes closed.  Finally!

Just two hours before I had to get up, I fell asleep.

Cruelty of the mind I guess, and all that stuff.

And so here I have been rambling about my sandbag tired eyes the question remains.

What was keeping my mind trapped in such a mad game of hide and seek with sleep?

House hunting.

Glorious house hunting.

To me it is like a game.  It is fun.  I absolutely enjoy walking through other people's houses.  Sometimes empty, sometimes furnished.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, hates it.  It is stressful to him.  It is agonizing and a necessary evil.  The thought of spending all that money, of going so deep in debt physically hurts him.

Yet another example of how opposite Jeffrey and I are.

And I love it.  Because how boring would life be if we like all the same things, I ask you?!

And so, last night I thought of all the houses we saw.  I thought of all the possibilities.  I thought of the paint colors I would use.  In the living rooms, in the bedrooms, in the kitchens and bathrooms.  I thought of the potential the houses radiate.  The potential like nuclear power breathed from the houses and into my mind.

I have it bad.

Real bad.

And quite honestly, I am enjoying ever facet of this house hunting.

But finding a house and putting my plans to action would be so much better!

And possibly healthier as I would be able to dream in my sleep and not dream instead of sleep.


Susan Anderson said…
I like house hunting, too.


Chantel said…
We were the opposite. Brian loved it. I hated it. Thank goodness we are finally home and never moving again!!!!
Everything happens for a reason. Looking forward to your celebratory post when you find "home!"
Lisa said…
Have you found anything yet? I still have that all night planning and we have been in our house for almost 3 years!!!
Anonymous said…
I do the same thing at night, I lay awake and think of all the things I could do if we were to buy a house or all the things I would buy if I had the money.. It keeps me awake too long. Then I toss and turn, give up and read a book, toss and turn some more. Ugh!

So excited for you though! Oh I can't wait until we can start looking at houses!! I want to go through this :D I want to paint, and come up with fantastic ideas! Oh lucky!
Jenny said…
Oh, hooray!

I love house hunting!

I love that you're house hunting!

I would be too excited to sleep, too!
Em said…
house hunting is SO FUN!!! it kept me up too:) such a fun time.

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