Friday, April 6, 2012

Portrait of a Snow Day

Dear Jeffrey,

Today is a day you should not have had to work.  It is a Spring snow day.  

Not that there is enough snow to cancel anything, but it is lovely, and warm-ish, and big fat flakes are begging to be played in.

When I woke up this morning, you were getting your keys and leaving.  I could hear the kids playing in their room, and I struggled to open my eyes.  They did not want to open at all, this morning.  With a herculean effort, I pried them open, and got out of bed.  I glanced out the window, and saw the inviting snow. A beauty pageant of gorgeous fluffy flakes floated to the ground.  Each one was the winner; big, beautiful, and unique.That was all I needed to get my eyes open and be awake.

After  breakfast, the kids wanted to go out and play in the snow.

We struggled into our snow stuff, some of it being used for the first time this year, and headed out into the white world to frolic.

You would have loved wrestling with the kids out there.  It wasn't even very cold.  That is your favorite kind of snow!  The warm-ish kind.  But I enjoyed it for you.

 This was a sneak attack.  If I didn't know better, I would think you put them up to it. Cleverly planned out, my dear.  They got that from you.
The result of their sneak attack.  Thanks again.  
 They were pretending to be Siberian tigers.  Growling, chasing imaginary animals and laughing so hard they could barley move.
 The snow didn't deter them one bit from their usual outdoor activities.  I love that about children.  They are unstoppable.  

Faye's method of eating snow makes me laugh. Down on her haunches, face in the powder, slurping it up.

Of course, afterwards, we had to come in for some delicious cocoa.  The kids had candy cane cocoa.  I had amaretto.  Yum! 

I wish you didn't have to work today.  I wish you could have joined us in all this fun.  This is why I love my job.  Even though some days are hard (hello, last week!), days like today completely make up for it and make it oh so worth it.  

After the cocoa, you know the bowling pins had to come out.  Of course.

What a great day.  And it is just after 10!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the day holds.  I am thinking popcorn and a movie (so I can finally get those clothes folded!) and lots and lots of story time.  In a fort, of course.  Though we may hold off on the fort building until you can get home.  Your forts are the absolute best!

Currently, the kids are pretending the couches are ships, and they are fishing for sharks.  Also, on occasion, they are pirates.  Other times they are fighting imaginary pirates.  The game you taught them.  But mostly, they are fishing for sharks.  And warm fishies.  So we can have fish and chips for dinner, Keith said.  Wish he could really cook it.  That would be lovely.  Though reality says we will probably have curry potatoes and soup.  A nice comforting hot bowl of creamy soup.  A perfect way to end this lovely snow day.  

With you and comfort soup.  


Hope your work day is as awesome as our day at home.


Amy, Keith and Faye
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