Leprechauns at Grandma's Outshone Our Visitors

Celebrations are my favorite.

I look for reasons to celebrate.  Any little thing.

Of course, this is not news.  Anyone who has known me for even a little while will know that.

St. Patrick's Day is no exception.

This past St. Patty's day was even better than usual.

My parents asked if the kids could spend the night with them.

A morning without kids?  Divinity!

And so, instead of going out on a hot date Friday night, Jeffrey and I were too tired, and decided to spend the time sleeping.  Also blissful.

But before we went to bed, I needed to get the kids sheets back on their beds after having washed them.

And then I picked up all their toys.

And then I vacuumed.

Leprechauns can't visit a messy room!

And then... well, one thing led to another, and their whole room was rearranged.

We moved things around in such a way as to give them more room.

We set up an art center.

We put their art up on a wall.

A study center.  Complete with all their books on the bookshelf and a little desk with paper and pencils at the ready.

We left a little green hand print on the door and door knob, and then a trail of gold chocolate coins leading to their treasures on their beds.
When we picked the little ones up from their grandparent's house Saturday, we were assulted with descriptions of little men in green playing tricks, a treasure hunt (complete with clues), treats, and not being able to sleep all night because the little men in green were too noisy singing and dancing around.

They had the most amazing St. Patrick's Day.

Of course, I shouldn't be surprised.  I learned my love of celebrating from my mother.  Of course her day would outshine mine!  As it should.

The kids did love their own little treasures, though, and that did make me happy.  Seeing their faces when they walked into their room.

 They first checked the kitchen for footprints and were so disappointed when they couldn't find any.  With heads hung low, they went down the stairs, dragging their feet, not wanting to put their things away.  And at the door, their faces lit up like a Christmas tree.  

I love holidays!  

And they are still talking about the visit from the Leprechauns.  I love creating those moments of magic for the little ones. 


Myya said…
Adorable & soooo much fun!!!
Susan Anderson said…
It's such fun, isn't it?

Em said…
kids sharing rooms frightens me.
Emmy said…
How nice to be so close to family and to have such a fun grandma for your kids. And so cute what you did too- I was lame and didn't really do a thing for St. patricks day

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