Camp In

A few weeks ago (boy am I behind!) Faye and I went to the library and got some books.

One of the books was about a little pig family.  The dad, and older two siblings were going on a camp out, and the youngest pig was very sad.  So her mother had a great idea.  They would not have a camp out, they would have a camp in.

They set up the tent

Made cocoa

and s'mores

around the campfire.

They told ghost stories,

 wrestled a bit on the ground,

 stayed up late gazing at the stars (through the window) and then went to sleep next to the coals.

The next morning they had cookies and ice cream for breakfast before they cleaned up their camp.

I am not lax enough of a mom to give my kids cookies and ice cream for breakfast (unless in dire straights.  Dire, I tell you.), but we did everything else in the book.

Who needs summer for camping?


Emmy said…
How fun is that!! So awesome
Susan Anderson said…
Camping in is waaaay cool.

Lisa said…
Woohoo!! This is why you are my hero. I want to be a mom like you! :)

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