Monday, April 2, 2012

Attention: Taking Children to Restaurants Alone Should Be Illegal. For Health Reasons.

Once upon a time I was a chicken.

A scaredy cat.

Lilly livered.

Not about the things you would expect, athough.

Spiders?  They eat the bad bugs.  Let them live.  They wont hurt us.  No problem.

Mice?  Aw, they are so cute when they are in cages.  Keep them out of my house and their germy little bodies away from my kids, though, or heaven help them.  They don't scare me, I just don't like co-habitation with rodents.

The dark?  That is when imagination comes alive!  And that is when I sleep.  I love the dark for both reasons.

Once upon a time, I loved change.

Actually, I still do.  Just not all change.  When it comes to changing something about me (hair... pretty much just hair), I resist with all the fervor of an activist supporting a cause.

So last year when Jeffrey began talking about me doing something "fun" with my hair, I got nervous.

See, he is awfully smart.  He knows the best way to get me to do something I don't really want to do is to bring it up forever in advance, and then remind me of it occasionally.  Eventually, I may warm up to the idea.

We discussed different hair styles.  He liked bold and brassy styles.  I tend to go for something a little more neutral.  Natural.  Non-committal.  I mean, I have no problem dying the grey hairs out.  Yes, I have grey hairs.  Actually, I have a lot of them.  As does everyone else in my family.  I guess we are just lucky.

Finally, last week all that discussion paid off.

Thursday I went to the salon (ha!  I called Dollar Cuts a salon.  I bet they are thrilled that in my book they count.) to get Keith's hair cut.  Doctor Who style again, of course.  While there, I scheduled an appointment for myself.  For the very next day.

Friday I went with trepidation.  Was I really going to do this?  I talked with the stylist for a god fifteen minutes, trying to describe something I wanted, but wasn't sure how to describe.  I told her to go with highlights (caramel blond) and lowlights (red/auburn).  To not make it look to natural, but not too chunky, either.  To have enough chunkiness so Jeffrey would love it, but to have it subtle enough that I could live with it.  Yeah, I am sure she was excited to get started after a description like that!

But you know what?  I like it!  She actually did a great job with my vague instructions.

Even better, Jeffrey loves it.  I think that may be an understatement.  He was so much like he was when we were dating this past week and since the only thing that changed was my hair, I am going to attribute it to that.

The sad news is Windows 8 is lame.  It is not compatible with my phone, so I can't upload my pictures.  And since my phone takes far better photos than my camera does, I use that instead.  Granted, Windows 8 is still in beta form, but... I want my pictures!  Soon, maybe.  Or I will have to steal Jeffrey's computer when he is not home and try to get them from there.

Saturday was Conference.  It was glorious.  The whole family squished onto our bed, pulled the covers up, and listened to the words of the Prophet.  Treats were passed around.  Not many elbows were jabbed into ribs.  Fighting between the kids was nearly non-existent.  It was so sweet and peaceful.  During the second session, the kids were napping and Jeffrey and I were able to just snuggle up to each other.  It was heavenly.

That night, since he was going to the Priesthood session with some of his friends, and out to play afterward, I wanted to do something fun with the kids.

I decided to take them to my favorite restaurant.

We got there, and the people who walked in after us was seated first.  What the what?  There were plenty of tables for both, and I am not sure why that happened, but no big deal.  We were seated, and then we waited.  We ordered, and then we waited.  And waited.  I tried to find things to entertain the children, but being in a restaurant alone with the kids may seem like a good idea in my head, but in actuality, it wasn't so fun.  After an hour had gone by (I am not exaggerating here.  It was really 55 minutes!) I saw the owner walk by.  I asked him why we didn't have our food, and he promised it out in 5 minutes.  He was true to his word.

But good grief!  waiting an hour for the food really sort of made me mad.  And I don't get mad easily.  Also, the fact the waiter didn't come by once in that time was very annoying.  I wanted to ask him what the hold up was.

By the time we got our food, the kids were grumpy, and bored.  They barely ate anything, and I just wanted to get out and get home.

We left a very crummy tip (the service was horrific!) and left.


I vow, I will never do that again.

At least not until the kids are at least... 8 maybe.

Sunday, we got to have our traditional General Conference Cinnamon Rolls.  They are SO good!  I only make them twice a year.  It is always fun to have something special on those special days.

All in all, it was a great week, which left me energized for a new month.

Happy April!


Lourie said...

I love conference! SOrry that the service was so horrible. You would think they would work the opposite. Haha!

Cinnamon rolls! Mmmmm....

Susan Anderson said...

I want a picture of that hairdo!


CB said...

OK Chickie isn't it obligatory to post a picture of your beautiful self with your new doo when you tell us all about it? I want to see it!!
I am impressed that your husband takes that much interest in your hair. I had my hair done 2 weeks ago. After 2 days I told my husband - Hey I got my hair cut and highlights put in it, what do you think? He looked at me, smiled and said, "It looks great". Ha Ha He probably couldn't even tell - makes me laugh.

Conference was glorious! How fun to watch from bed - Miss those days!