Library Day

Today was a special day.  Not only is it the birthday of Prince Umberto of Savoy, but as it turns out, today was library day.

After dropping Keith off at school, Faye and I ran errands, ending up at the library.  It was the perfect ending for her.  Tai Pan and Hobby Lobby were for me, Krispy Kreme and the Library were for her.

She is such a funny munchkin.  After carefully choosing a book, she dutifully followed me around while I gathered books on science experiments, dancing pigs and elephants, and funny talking mice.

 Every time I paused, she would plop herself down next to me, open up her book, and begin to devour the pictures, tracing her fingers over the words.

The kids have such a great studious example set for them by their father.  Every night he comes home and studies.  They pretend to study all the time, now, too.  In their play they are doctors, policemen, ballerinas (ballerina rather.  Keith pretends to be Michael Jackson) and students.  I love that about them.

While we were perusing the books, I ran into my kindergarten teacher.  It was very sweet to see her again.  Who runs into their kindergarten teacher at the library?!

When the kids woke up from their naps we spent a bit of happiness sitting in the sun streaming through the windows reveling in the vitamin D.  What a delicious way to spend a quiet afternoon.  The books were a big hit.  We went outside and had a spitting contest, just to see the different ways we could expel the water from our mouths.  I think I would love to have another day like today.

After dinner we went to a preschool activity.  The kids spent an hour and a half creating art.  Melted crayon drawings, chalk on dark paper, paintings, torn up paper glued to paper, and beads and stickers all over the place.  They loved every second of it.  I loved taking them.

It was a little difficult seeing as how I had three little ones to look after.  A boy in Keith's preschool class has a little brother who is terminally ill.  As a result, his mother doesn't leave the house.  She can't.  The little one is hooked up to so many machines and it truly is heartbreaking to see.  It kills me that the poor guy wouldn't be able to attend any of the activities, so I take him along with us.  However, chasing after three opinionated kids isn't the easiest thing.  Especially in an extremely crowded building.  But I succeeded, and they had a blast.

Library day is always a good day.


You so amaze me! I don't know if I would have the gusto to take on that challenge of 3 little ones...especially some that weren't mine all by myself!
I have yet to take my kids to the library!!
You are superwoman!
Myya said…
Library time is priceless! Your wee one is soooo cute! I love the series of pics you took of her.
Terra said…
just being at a library is a good experience that should never be forgotten and no child should be left out of. I am glad you went!
Emmy said…
Love those pictures!! And her hair, so cute. And that does sound like a perfect day, I love Tai Pan and Hobby Lobby. Very dangerous stores :)
Susan Anderson said…
I love the library, and I love that you take your friend's child there with you.


PS. Fun that you ran into your kindergarten teacher!

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