Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goals and Daydreams

I have always had a hard time following through with goals.  I would set them with full intentions of completing them, but then forget about them.  Or tell myself I wasn't strong enough, or this one time wouldn't hurt.  And then the goal would be lost, miserably failed, and my confidence for making and realizing goals would be lower than a worm's underbelly.

Yet still, I love setting goals.

I didn't realize I was a goal oriented person until half way through my mission.  I had a companion tell me that I was goal oriented and I laughed.  Honestly, I outright laughed at her.

Me?  Goal oriented?  Remembering my past with goals, I was convinced she had me confused with someone else.

And then she pointed out things I do in my life on a regular basis, without thinking about it.  How I had decided to read a book before the end of the transfer.  I hadn't made an actual goal.  I hadn't written it down.  I just thought it would be nice to actually read the whole book, all the way through, and to do it before I would possibly have to move again.

The funny thing, though, is I have fallen back into my pre-mission goal slump.  And I don't like it.  Have you noticed?  Since October I have been terrible about recording the goings on of my family.  I have been feeling very guilty about that lately.

Every night, Keith asks to hear stories about when he was a baby.  His current favorite is when I told him about tummy time.  Most babies will lift their heads up and scream.  Not my boy!  He would plop his head into the blanket and scream until we flipped him over.  Since he was my first, I would always flip him back too soon.  And so the boy didn't learn how to roll over until he was six months old.  When I tell him this story, Keith laughs and laughs.  The sweet child laugh of pure delight.  His body shaking, and his face turning red from lack of oxygen as he gasps out the peals of amusement.  That is his bedtime story every night.

As he has been asking me about stories, I have been so grateful that I kept this blog, that I can refer to it for more stories.  And then I felt guilty for not updating more often.  Isn't guilt a great motivator?  And so tonight, after more stories of him as a baby, I recommitted myself.  I sat down with Keith and made some goals with him.  After he and Faye were tucked in bed, I decided to make some for myself.

And as we all know, a goal not written down is just a daydream, so, here they are, for the scrutiny of all the world.  I will journal every week day.  I will spend time with my children every day, working on their goals.  I will go to the gym 4-5 times a week.  I will eliminate HFCS (again) from my diet.  Then I will work on eliminating processed sugars from my diet.  I will implement the family mottos we come up with in FHE tomorrow night.  I will work harder on having a house of order.

And the best news of all is I have reached one of my goals... sort of.  Since joining my gym, I have been able to get rid of all the baby weight I gained with both of my kids.
Half way through.  Mid December.
I lost 35 lbs! That translates into 4 sizes.  I am ecstatic.  I got a whole new wardrobe because all my old clothes were falling off of me.  I did say I sort of accomplished my goal, because though I am the same weight I was when I got married, and I am the same size, my body is... different.  I never really understood the whole thing about having babies makes the body change, but man alive does it ever! But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?  I am happy with all my hard work, and even more thrilled that I reached my goal of 4 years.
The kids took this picture.  Beginning of February

 Sad that it took me this long, but oh so happy that I triumphed.  I did it!  And my reward is in my closet (new wardrobe, remember?), and in the mirror, and in my self confidence because I stuck to it, and I did it.  Phew.  Accomplishing goals sure feels great.

At any rate I am so happy to be back with these goals, and though we have been crazy busy playing all over the valley, I need to record our activities.  If only so I will always have a stock of stories to tell Keith.


Myya said...

Good for you! You look fantastic, I thought you were beautiful before too though. I wish I really stuck to goals, I need to hold myself more accountable. I just HAVE to do it, I hope that day comes where I just don't give myself anymore excuses.

LOOOVE the "when you were a baby stories" my girls love those too. You are so right, the laughter is priceless.

Em said...

HOORAY!!!!! CONGRATS AMY!!! that is the very best feeling! you look fantastic! i am very jealous of your curls, btw.

goals were something i fought for a long time b/c i felt so much pressure to achieve them when i made them that it would stress me out and make me not want to try at all. now i make them and just do my best to keep at it until i get it done, even if it takes longer than i think it will.

you're amazing, great job!

dannielo said...

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Terra said...

you do look fabulous! Goals can be so tricky, if we aren't careful we honestly set ourselves up to fail knowing that life and kids and the such get in the way some times! I am glad you have been able to do something good for you!

Natalia said...

Great job on reaching your baby weight goal! I know exactly what you mean by our bodies changing. I never understood it before either. Yet here I am, 6 months post-pregnancy, weighing less than I did when I got pregnant, but things haven't quite gone by to where they used to be.

Susan Anderson said...

Wow. I'm impressed!

You are now my weight loss inspiration.


Trish said...

I only realized recently that I am goal oriented as well. If I'm not accomplishing something then I'm a real bore and life is so dull! I totally hear ya! And congrats on your weight loss achievements! That is fabulous!

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

Good for you, Amy! I am proud of you.

As a mom and a wife, losing sight of "you" in everything can be so catastrophic. I am glad that you found "you," gain, even if you've changed a bit.

I've been thinking about you daily, my friend!

Lisa said...

You are such a hottie!!! And I am so jealous that you can actually commit to your goals! I even write them down... but I can't ever seem to get them done!!! If only we lived closer! Love your guts girly!

Emmy said...

Congrats!! That is awesome! Seriously so great. You really do look amazing! So happy for you. Love the new pictures, what a fun location