Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr. Gym

Remember my headaches?

Stress induced.

Yup, figured it out.


Sunday I had another.  That made three in less than a week.

Three debilitating days that are blocked out.

Just a blur.

From the pain.

And yes, it sounds like I am complaining again.  But really I am not.

I am exulting.

Sunday I figured out the headaches were stress induced.  Nice of my head to tell me I am under stress, hu?  I don't think I would have known otherwise.  Funny about that.

Monday morning I got up and was at the gym at 5:30 for a serious spin class.  I love sweating!  6:45 was Zumba.  It felt glorious.

Around lunch time, I got some very bad news.  At 5:00 that bad news amplified.

Needless to say, the head pain was back, at its worst.

So, I went back to the gym.  For another two and a half hours.

I came home with no pain in my head and feeling relatively amazing.

I went the next day.  And the next.  And the next.

My headaches have decreased significantly.

I am in love with the gym.

It is my medicine.

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