Dr. Gym

Remember my headaches?

Stress induced.

Yup, figured it out.


Sunday I had another.  That made three in less than a week.

Three debilitating days that are blocked out.

Just a blur.

From the pain.

And yes, it sounds like I am complaining again.  But really I am not.

I am exulting.

Sunday I figured out the headaches were stress induced.  Nice of my head to tell me I am under stress, hu?  I don't think I would have known otherwise.  Funny about that.

Monday morning I got up and was at the gym at 5:30 for a serious spin class.  I love sweating!  6:45 was Zumba.  It felt glorious.

Around lunch time, I got some very bad news.  At 5:00 that bad news amplified.

Needless to say, the head pain was back, at its worst.

So, I went back to the gym.  For another two and a half hours.

I came home with no pain in my head and feeling relatively amazing.

I went the next day.  And the next.  And the next.

My headaches have decreased significantly.

I am in love with the gym.

It is my medicine.


Lisa said…
What a wonderful medicine! I'm actually QUITE jealous!!! I wish I lived close to a gym... Ah well. So glad you found your solution!
Myya said…
That is amazing! I want the gym to be my medicine. Good for you!!!
Em said…
oh man, headaches are the worst. i used to get them ALL of the time. then i started to drink 3 liters of water a day and took out some things from my busy life to lessen the stress and vwallah! now i only get them when i'm pregnant in the beginning. stinks, but at least it's just then and not several times a month anymore. wish i could share your love for the gym, but i've become a pool lover and outside exerciser over the years. i used to be a gym rat and loved it back then though!
Susan Anderson said…
Working out is a great stress reducer.

Familia Morales said…
Working out is such a good stress-reliever. I hope your headaches stay far away.
Jenny said…
Oh hooray. I'm so glad you found a solution.

I'm sorry to hear about your bad news. I hope that works out for you!
Emmy said…
Wow you spent a ton of time in the gym that one day. Glad working out it helping with your headaches though
Lourie said…
Hooray for the gym! Poof be gone you nasty headaches! You have no power here. :)

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