Friday, March 9, 2012


Faye usually does have a shirt under her little shirt jacket, she had just spilled all over it.  Just a note for you, Mom!  

The good one has defected.

Or entered the terrible twos.   

Faye has been a holy terror lately.  I guess it is about time, anyway.  I always knew she would be a handful. 

She is a lot like me.  Keith is an angel.  Why?  Because he is a clone of my sweet tempered husband.  Almost nothing riles him.  Except lack of sleep.  For both of them.  Faye, on the other hand, is me.  Fiery, loud, independent, defiant.  Yup, I was a real joy to raise, and my mother's curse has come to pass.  I did get a child.  Just. Like. Me.

Yesterday I decided I needed to the kids out of the house.  We were going to go to the mall to play.  Cheap, out of the house, and full of sanity saving scenery.  Because it was new scenery.  Yay!  Amazing how something so simple as a change of scenery can bring about peace.  

I have a rule with my children.  When we are in the road, they must hold an adult's hand.  Yesterday I had Faye's hand in mine, and Keith was hanging onto my pocket as we were walking into a store.  He tripped, falling to the ground, pulling my pants with him.  

I knew a full moon was predicted for tonight, but who ever heard of one at mid-day?  Tonight's moon?  Spectacular.  Mine, not so pretty.  I don't think there was anyone around.  I hope no one else was around.  My pants, slipping down way below their intended location is not a pretty sight.  

Quickly, I pulled him and my pants up, and rushed us all into the store.  Clearly, I needed new pants.  Instead of spending time looking for some, however, I got to spend an hour chasing the kids around.

"Put that back."  

"Stay here."

"Where did you go?"



"That is such a sad choice you just made."

"Oh dear, so sad.  You just chose to give up your treat."

... and repeat.  About a billion times.

Finally, I decided to take the kids to my mother's house so I could get some decent shopping done.  Hopefully to never show a moon again.

After finally getting the kids home, fed, and to bed, I thought I would have a bit of respite from the chaos of Faye.

She had other plans.


An hour after I had sent her to bed, I could still hear singing.  Loudly.  Defiantly.  Independently.  just. like. me.  

In fear of her waking Keith up, I had to retrieve her from their room.  I held her, didn't talk to her, just rocked her and stroked her back.

Guess what.  She refused to sleep.  Still.  

Another hour went by, and finally, I convinced her to go back to her bed and sleep.

Miracles happen every day, my friends.  She did it.  On her own, she climbed out of my exhausted lap, took herself downstairs, and put herself back into her bed.  

She sang for a good twenty minutes more, but did not wake Keith, which is important.

And then she slept.

Finally I could breathe.  It was lovely.

But yesterday was not my day.  Half an hour later, Keith woke up.  And he has a lovely habit of waking Faye every time he wakes.

Because he wants to play with her.

Sweet, but oh so annoying!

She cried for half an hour, clinging to me, wiping her snotty nose on my shirt.  But I did love that.  Snot and all.  I loved the clinging, the obvious comfort she gleans from me, and her sweet soft sighs.  

Somehow, that makes up for the chaos.  How?  I don't know.  Despite her defection, however, she will always be a citizen of Golden Child in my book.  Maybe her brother's example will influence her more than my genes.
One can only hope.


Lisa said...

I can't believe that she is naughty! She is so stinkin cute!! :) Love your guts! So glad that you were able to see the silver lining and enjoy them. You are my hero.

Myya said...

Your little miss is ohhh sooo adorable. I loooove that no shirt tutu picture. SO CUTE!

I feel your angst for having a child like you. I now have 2. My sister has often said that my husband & I create kids full of piss & vinegar LOL. Ohhh goodness how I am paying for it. Yikes.

Chantel said...

I could have written this post about Avy. Maybe we need to get them together for a play date!

Susan Anderson said...

Have to admit that reading about all your lack of sleep makes me the tiniest bit glad that portion of my life is faaar behind me.


PS. They sure are cute, though!

Em said...

mine too, it's not pretty.